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Press Release from Project No Labels:

Project No Labels is humbled by the success of the 2018 Pride Legacy Awards and thankful to everyone who participated in this commemorative event.

This inaugural ceremony honors and highlights the tremendous work of those individuals, organizations, and businesses who selflessly give back to the LGBTQ+ community in the Tampa Bay region each day.

Mayor Rick Kriseman received the “Ally in Action” award due to his steadfast leadership and unapologetic stance on equality in St. Petersburg.

The “Flame Bearer Award” was given to Samira Obeid, a staunch advocate for LGBTQ+ rights. It is an honor to have her on our team. Like the Olympic torch, the Flame Bearer Award will be passed on next year to another individual who continues to work tirelessly on behalf of our LGBTQ+ Community.

Our “Pride Visionary Award” honors the Business of the Year and was given to the Iberian Rooster, a champion for the LGBTQ+ community. The Iberian Rooster hosts events and social gatherings throughout the year geared to unite our LGBTQ+ community and we are thankful for all of their efforts.

The “Giving Tree Award” honors other nonprofits in the community who make it their mission to give back in ways that substantially make an impact in our region. Dr. Bob Hope and his team at Love the Golden Rule fit the bill for this award. They make sure the less fortunate are healthy and well in Tampa Bay.

Project No Labels would like to thank each and everyone who was nominated, awarded, and volunteered.

First, to our winners, Project No Labels is deeply touched by your constant pursuit to make Tampa Bay the diverse, inclusive, and tolerant city we love to call home. Your efforts unite our LGBTQ+ community, helping to solidify us and our causes. May your passion guide the rest of us in our pursuit to be the very best, live authentically, and practice excellence in our LGBTQ+ community.

To our dedicated volunteers, including our photographers, guest bartender, and performers, who work tirelessly, ensuring events such as the Pride Legacy Awards are a success, we thank you! It truly does take a village, and without your help, Project No Labels would not be nearly as successful as it is today.

Shay Keller, thank you for making the awards ceremony beautiful and filled with heart. From decorating to organizing and everything in between, you are indeed an incredible event planner.

OUTCOAST had the honor of taking photos at this inaugural event. To see more images from the evening, click here.

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