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LGBTQ Veterans

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Estate planning lawyers are a dime a dozen in Florida. There are also a handful of LGBTQ Estate Planning attorneys in Tampa Bay. But few are like Liz Moneymaker – smart as a whip, but also personal and down to Earth, and with a great sense of humor. These characteristics help clients navigate some of the most difficult decisions they’ll face.

Moneymaker’s law firm is based in St. Petersburg with a satellite office in Bradenton. She brings a personalized and human approach to estate planning and other legal niches.

About Liz Moneymaker

Liz had an interesting start in the industry. When she left high school, she joined the military. While serving her country, she went to school to obtain a law degree. She then honed her skills as a Judge Advocate General.

After she spent 23 years serving her country, Liz retired and moved on to civilian law.  When her father became ill , she discovered her place with estate planning and assisting families through the complicated aging process with a focus on elder law. The transition was easy because she was passionate about helping families and seniors. Instead of going through the motions, Liz was living her passion.

Her Move to St. Petersburg

Originally, Liz was based out of Sarasota. But life has a funny way of changing things, and she now calls St. Petersburg home. Although many people can say the beaches, nightlife, and attractions brought them to the area, Liz found herself moving for another reason – love. She met a woman named Brenda and knew that she was the one.

After falling in love, Liz decided to take a leap of faith. She moved from her home in Sarasota and relocated to St. Pete, where she could be with Brenda. As it turns out, the move only brought Liz more happiness. She adores St. Pete and has enjoyed exploring the city and meeting new friends.

Helping the LGBTQ Community

While in the military, Liz remained mostly closeted. The “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy kept her and other members of the gay community in hiding. But after she left the military, Liz was able to be herself. She now lives out and proud with her wife and appreciates being able to be open about her relationship.

As a member of the LGBTQ community, Liz understands the challenges that many of her clients face on a regular basis. When it comes to estate planning and caring for our family members as they age, people often fear being judged. But Liz knows their struggles and gives them a judgement-free zone. 

There’s another group of clients with which Liz has a unique ability to connect – LGBTQ veterans. While the LGBTQ community may seem small enough, there’s an even smaller section of them who have served in the military. With first-hand experience as an LGBTQ veteran, Liz has a unique insight. She has the experience, knowledge, and skills necessary to help gay veterans in St. Pete and Bradenton/Sarasota plan for their futures.

Getting a Personalized Experience

It’s a sad fact that most people put off planning their future until it’s too late. However, Liz Moneymaker makes it easier for people to take the first steps in estate planning. She’s not someone behind a glass window. Instead, she’s someone who has been in your shoes. 

Unlike some other lawyers, Liz often answers her own phone and treats every customer with the kindness that they deserve. Whether you want to work with her because of her past, her experience, or her openness, you can give her a call today and get started.

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