Top Must-Have Pool Accessories

Top Must Have Pool Accessories
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While going for a swim is the best way to beat the summer heat, Floridians will know that a dip in the pool is a year-round activity. When in the Sunshine State, you’ll be hard-pressed to come across a backyard without a pool. 

If you’re one of these water-loving individuals, the best way to enhance your poolside experience is with swimming pool accessories. From brightly colored pool floats to more practical maintenance tools, here are our top picks for pool accessories that you need to add to your shopping cart stat!

Best Swimming Pool Accessories This Year

Photo by Bruce Christianson on Unsplash

Our top recommendation for waterproof speakers is the Bose Soundlink Micro Bluetooth Speaker, known for its crisp sound quality, even in the water. If being in the pool all day is your definition of a relaxing weekend, these portable speakers will keep you entertained for at least six hours before needing a recharge. Even better, its voice prompts allow you to take calls without having to get out of the water. 

  • Voice prompts make for easy remote access to this speaker’s virtual assistance
  • Rugged exterior is crack, scratch, and dent-resistant
  • Pairs with other Soundlink speakers for party mode and unbeatable surround sound

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Best Speakers For Everyday Use: JBL Flip 5 Bluetooth Splashproof Speaker

If you don’t care much for voice control and hands-free functionality, we recommend the JBL Flip 5 Bluetooth Splash-proof Speaker. This impressive speaker is available in every color you can think of and has double the playback time at twelve hours – perfect for a fun pool party! 

  • Available in multiple colors
  • IPX7 waterproof for up to three feet 
  • Rugged rubber housing protects your speakers from falls 

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Best Multipurpose Pool Float: Aqua 4-In-1 Monterey Hammock Inflatable Pool Float

If you love an affordable pool float that helps fulfill many poolside activities, we recommend the Aqua 4-in-1 Monterey Hammock Inflatable Pool Float. Its center is made with supportive mesh lining, perfect for use as a hammock, pool lounge, or drifter. Plus, unlike other pool floats, you won’t have any trouble getting on or off it  – its middle seat rests comfortably in the water. 

  • PVC material is 50% to 70% thicker than most pool floats
  • Ideal even for seniors or nursing moms
  • Can double as a surface to play pool games

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Photo by Mel Elias on Unsplash

Best Pool Float For Dogs: Swimways Spring Float Paddle Paws Dog Pool Float

Have a dog that loves to swim? Try the Swimways Spring Float Paddle Paws Dog Pool Float. This adorable paw print patterned float is puncture-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about any claws poking holes. It can also carry up to 65 pounds, ideal for two small dogs or one big floater and their favorite pool toy. 

  • Fabric covering is claw resistant and durable
  • Includes a reusable carry bag for easy portability
  • Supports small and medium-sized dogs up to 65 pounds

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Best Standard Diving Board: S.R. Smith Frontier II Diving Board

Diving boards add an element of fun to your in-ground swimming pool that aquatic toys can’t quite match. Our most reliable recommendation is the S.R. Smith Frontier II Diving Board, whose high-strength steel material makes for impressive durability. 

If you’re swimming with children, this board’s non-slip SureFoot tread prevents slipping. Its highly flexible base also makes for an excellent bounce – so get out your camera and capture that cannonball! 

  • Made with steel and powder-coated white for unbeatable corrosion resistance
  • Has a non-slip sanded tread
  • Easier to maintain than most diving boards

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Photo by Jesper Stechmann on Unsplash

Best Drink Holder For Food & Beverages: Jasonwell Inflatable Rainbow Cloud Drink Holder

A dip in the swimming pool and a martini? Sounds like a win-win. But what about a whole batch of drinks? You’ll need the Jasonwell Inflatable Rainbow Cloud Drink Holder for that. This vibrant and adorable pool accessory comes with five cup holders and a middle section for cans, bottles, and even fruits. Alternatively, these drink holders can store goggles, water games, and other pool accessories when not in use.

  • Fast valves make it 5x faster to inflate and deflate
  • Made with premium, non-toxic raft-grade material
  • Comes with a built-in ice serving chest

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Photo by Raining Huang on Unsplash

Best Pool Lights For Most Pools: Intex Magnetic Pool Wall Light 

Who says you can only take a dip during the day? If you’re a fan of the occasional night swim, pool lights are a must. Not to mention, these products can help you find any pool accessories you’ve lost underwater. 

For Floridians with an above-ground swimming pool, Intex has the solution for you. Their Magnetic Pool Wall Light works well for soft-sided or inflatable pools. It’s easy to install and lights up both sides of the pool wall. 

  • Can illuminate pools up to 24 feet
  • 26-foot cord for a convenient outlet connection
  • Low electricity levels are safe for use in and around your pool

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Best Multicolored Pool Lights: Roleadro Color Changing LED Pool Lights

Could your in-ground pool use a bit of color and accent lighting? The Roleadro Color Changing LED Pool Lights has five dynamic modes and seven static settings that will surely impress your friends and family. Use your remote control to configure up to ten speed settings and enjoy your at-home light show! 

  • Super bright LED chips make for a more vibrant and uniform light show
  • IP68 waterproof and made with high-grade stainless steel
  • High-temperature and safe voltage tested 

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Photo by Camelia Cordeiro on Unsplash

Best Pool Slide Overall: S.R. Smith Typhoon Right Curve Pool Slide

A water slide is everything you need for families looking to bring an extra thrill to the poolside. Pool slides are on the pricier end of products, but every minute of excitement makes it worth it.

The S.R. Smith Typhoon Right Curve Pool Slide is sturdy, safe, and easy to install. Plus, these products won’t take up too much space in your backyard, as their curves are designed specifically for limited square footage.

  • Can accommodate up to 275 pounds
  • Enclosed ladder and sturdy handrails are safe for children to use
  • Compatible with saltwater pools

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Best Inflatable Pool Slide: Intex Inflatable Pool Slide

Prefer pool slides you can pack away when not in use? The Intex Inflatable Pool Slide is an excellent option for above-ground pools. These above-ground pool accessories are compact, portable, and even come with seven air chambers that function independently in case of a puncture. You’ll be surprised to know that this sturdy blow-up slide set can accommodate up to 176 pounds!

  • Comes with a soft landing pad extension
  • Made with super-strong vinyl material
  • Garden hose attachment makes for fun built-in sprayers

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Best Solar Pool Cover: Sun2Solar 1200 Series Rectangle Solar Pool Cover

It’s all fun and games until you have to clean your pool. Pool maintenance isn’t always easy, especially under harsher weather.

The best pool cover for minimizing changes in water chemistry is the Sun2Solar 1200 Series Rectangle Solar Pool Cover. This easy-to-roll cover helps keep the water underneath it cool – or warm – with UV-absorbing technology and prevents algae from forming. 

  • Prevents up to 95% of pool water evaporation
  • Thousands of tiny bubbles enhance heat retention capabilities
  • Can be trimmed to suit your pool size 

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Best Climb-Resistant Pool Fence: Giantex Fence

You can never underestimate the value of pool fences. Especially if you have younger children, pool fences can make the difference between drowning and safety. 

The best pool fence is the Giantex Fence, whichoffers superior climb resistance for families with in-ground pools. If you aren’t an excellent swimmer, you can easily cling onto its mesh surface. When not in use, the Giantex Fence is easy to roll up and store. 

  • Durable and crack-proof
  • Comes with two plastic sleeves cut to different lengths
  • Fence frame is made with high-quality, rust-resistant aluminum

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Best Eco-Friendly Pool Heater: Smart Pool S601 Solar Heater

Pool heaters are a great way to keep the temperature constant throughout the entire Florida pool season. If your household runs on solar power, you can keep pace with the Smart Pool S601 Solar Heater. Unlike gas, propane, and electric pool heaters, these heaters are gentle on your utility bills. With that in mind, it might take a little longer to warm your pool up, so if you’re having guests over, you’ll want to prepare it ahead of time. Still, these heaters require very little maintenance, which makes them one of our favorite pool accessories.

  • 80 square feet of solar panels
  • Raises pool temperature water up by 10 to 15 degrees
  • Tough material does not corrode or scale

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Photo by Ramiro Pianarosa on Unsplash

Best Fountain For Most Pools: Poolmaster Swimming Pool Fountain

For in-ground and above-ground swimming pools, we recommend the Poolmaster Swimming Pool Fountain for cooling you off on a hot day. Made with durable PVC plastic, you can easily mount this pool accessory to your underwater pool jets for an afternoon of wet fun. You can also adjust its spray height and direction to suit your preferences. 

  • Compatible with above-ground and in-ground swimming pools
  • Fully adjustable water flow and spray settings
  • Easy to install

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Best Pool Storage Overall: Keter Brightwood 120-Gallon Resin Deck Box

If you have many pool supplies, you’re probably already familiar with the nuisance of keeping them organized. Fortunately, there are many options for keeping your swimming pool accessories in one place. 

The Keter Brightwood 120-Gallon Resin Deck Box is a perfect all-weather case with an extra-large capacity. Even over time, it won’t dent, peel, or rust – you won’t have to dig into your savings for a replacement too soon. You can also rest assured that your pool accessories will stay dry inside this weather-resistant deck box. 

  • Doubles as a comfortable poolside seat
  • Wood panels come in multiple colors
  • Automated opening mechanism 

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Best Automatic Pool Vacuum: DOLPHIN Nautilus CC Plus Automatic Robot Pool Cleaner

Everything from dirty pool accessories to bad weather and other environmental factors can make your pool water dirty. For hassle-free pool maintenance, we recommend the DOLPHIN Nautilus CC Plus Automatic Robot Pool Cleaner. 

While it may come at a steep price, the Nautilus requires little manual configuration. As its name suggests, it automatically cleans your pool floor and walls and can get an entire 50-foot pool spotless in just under two hours. 

  • Doesn’t require additional cleaning equipment
  • Dual scrubbing brushes and filters
  • 3 easy-to-use settings

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The Bottom Line

If you’ve decided it’s time to hit Google to search “pool accessories near me”, we hope that our shortlist of top-performing floats, heaters, diving boards, and pool maintenance tools has given you a place to start. You can buy these pool accessories on Amazon, so you shouldn’t have any problems with shipping and delivery. 

Start building up your arsenal of pool supplies and who knows? You might have everything it takes to be the next contender for the best pool party in Florida

Photo by Eric Nopanen on Unsplash

**Disclaimer: There is a good chance that this post contains affiliate or sponsor links. If you make a purchase through them, we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you (for which we are extremely grateful).

Also, while we do our best to highlight LGBTQ-friendly destinations and businesses, info provided is based solely on personal experience and recommendations by community partners. We hope that nobody experiences discrimination or homophobia while visiting Florida and beyond, but we make no guarantees. Please inform us if you experience discrimination or homophobia while visiting any destination so we can make updates to our recommendations.

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