Black, LGBTQ Florida Entrepreneur Says Compression Socks aren’t Just for Athletes and Travelers

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As a collegiate volleyball player, Senia McIntyre knew other players that found wearing compression socks after matches and practices beneficial.

The socks promote blood flow to the legs, improve muscle support and recovery, reduce swelling, provide arch support, reduce varicose veins, and protect from shin splints and plantar fasciitis. Their benefits were a relief to many athletes she knew.

She didn’t give them a try herself until a bit later in life, though. An avid runner, she bought a three-pack of low-cut compression socks, ideal for wearing with her running shoes, on a whim while shopping.

Senia McIntyre, in her younger athletic years. (Image provided by Senia McIntyre)

“Then I ran with them for the first time and really felt there was a difference,” she said.

After McIntyre wore them for three runs in a row, she immediately realized that as an active person they were a game-changer for her.

“I didn’t have any for the fourth day, so I wore regular socks and again, I felt a huge difference,” she said. “I can’t even remember the last time I ran without compression socks. I could feel them increase my blood flow.”

Now, after a successful engineering career, she’s launched Go Compression to promote and sell compression wear. The first of her products are compression socks.

“A lot of people I know have never worn compression socks before and they don’t know even know about them,” she said. “I know I’m not the only person who can benefit from these. I want to share these with the community and help others.”

Growing Go Compression Out of a Successful Engineering Career

A Boynton Beach resident, McIntyre spent much of her youth in Jacksonville. After five years in Daytona Beach, where she attended Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, her career led her out of state.

She spent several years after graduating as a design engineer before joining the U.S. Air Force post 9/11. Following her service, she spent 13 years as a project engineer in the construction industry.

Senia McIntyre

Since last year, though, McIntyre has focused her efforts on giving back to others as an entrepreneur. Under the umbrella of her company M2 Management, she’s currently focusing on two projects: Engineers Connect and Go Compression.

“It’s about me getting to a phase in my life and career where I want to focus on helping and giving back to the communities I am involved in,” she said.

Through her app, Engineers Connect, she’s created a space that connects engineers and students withfree STEM-related resources and study guides they need to further their careers. While its primary focus is to support engineers preparing for their professional exams, she also shares engineering news and information about interesting products related to the field.

Go Compression is where her primary focus is these days. Though, she wants everyone, and not only women over 40, to know about the benefits of compression socks.

Launching Go Compression

As a Black and LGBTQ business owner, McIntyre wants to share the products that have made such a difference in her life, personally, through Go Compression.

She remains active. She spends much of her time kayaking, running and exercising – and relies on her compression socks to keep her going.

Over the years, though, she found that many of the socks on the market aren’t high quality. So, she wanted to do something about it.

“I’ve purchased some that didn’t last that long and they’re expensive,” McIntyre said. “I wanted to create something affordable that would last longer.”

Working with a supplier, Go Compression launched with its first product, an open-toe compression sock, in January. The socks can help a wide age range of individuals – from athletes to the average person to aging adults. Anyone standing for long periods of time at work, traveling long distances, or interested in keeping their legs healthy longer can benefit from compression socks.

About Go Compression Socks

She recalls her days as a college athlete and her friends who frequently wore compression socks.

“I have read that after training is the best time to wear compression socks. They help with your recovery,” she said. “After workouts, or whatever you’re doing that has you on your feet all day, you’ll get more benefits of compression.”

They’re ideal for traveling, as well, especially during long car rides and flights, as they help improve circulation and prevent swelling in the feet and legs. When you’re seated for so long, it’s harder for the blood to pump through your veins, she said.

Older adults facing issues with blood flow and conditions like varicose veins will also find that compression socks help to reduce the swelling of their legs and veins. “I don’t have swelling issues, but my sisters do, and some friends, and they started wearing them and it reduced the swelling in their ankles,” McIntyre said.

Doctors will often prescribe compression socks after surgeries to improve blood flow in patients, as well. Though they’re open-toed, Go Compression socks also provide arch support to wearers and can offer relief to those with issues like fallen arches, plantar fasciitis, and shin splints.

But you don’t have to experience health problems to gain the benefits of compression socks.

“You don’t have to go to a doctor to find out the benefits of compression. You can use them in your everyday life. There are plenty of people on their feet eight to 10 hours a day on the job, like nurses, and plenty of people that need them,” she said.

McIntyre wants to make compression socks more affordable and accessible to all communities, especially since many people have never worn compression products before.

“From varicose veins to arches dropping, you have that support in this one sock,” she said. “So, I wear them for my health and I’m sharing them with everyone else.”

Learn more about Go Compression Socks.

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