Guide to Fireworks on 4th of July in Florida

The Ultimate Guide to 4th of July Fireworks in Florida: Top Celebrations & Viewing Spots

Florida explodes with celebrations every 4th of July. From barbecues on the beach to live music under the stars, the Sunshine State has plenty of ways to commemorate America’s Independence Day. For many, the best part of any 4th of July is the fireworks. Cities all across the state from the Panhandle to the Keys […]
History of Key West Pride

Pride in Paradise: Key West’s LGBTQ+ History and Culture

Key West, Florida, is synonymous with a laid-back, island lifestyle that’s second only to its amazing sunsets. However, it’s the island’s LGBTQ+ history and culture that truly define its character. Known as a welcoming refuge where individuality is celebrated, Key West lights the way for diversity and acceptance. In this article, the colorful history and […]

Learn About Equality Florida: History, Mission, Programs and Annual Fundraising Events

Equality Florida has long been at the forefront of the fight for LGBTQ+ civil rights in the Sunshine State. With a mission to secure full equality for all Floridians, this dynamic organization has been tirelessly advocating, educating, and mobilizing communities since its inception.  Through a combination of strategic initiatives, impactful programs, and diverse fundraising initiatives […]
Pride in Style - LGBTQ Pride Outfit

Create the Ultimate Pride Celebration Outfit with Amazon Finds

Pride events are more than just a festivity; they represent a movement of self-affirmation, equality, and human rights. The way we dress for Pride is a powerful form of self-expression and solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community. Amazon’s diverse product range offers endless possibilities to create an outfit that not only stands out but also holds […]
Bachelor Party Ideas

Gay Bachelor Party Ideas for All, Straight Men Too: A Celebration of Fun and Inclusivity

When planning a bachelor party for a friend, why not consider the fun and flamboyant flair of a gay-themed, inclusive celebration? While smoke-filled strip clubs followed by a next day hangover sounds appealing (take note of our sarcasm), bachelor parties should be memorable events. So why not put a unique twist on a celebration that […]
Unique engagement rings

Unique Stones for Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands: Break Stereotypes and Embrace Uniqueness

When it comes to engagement rings and wedding bands, diamonds have traditionally held the spotlight. However, in recent years, there’s been a growing trend towards breaking stereotypes and norms, with couples increasingly seeking unique stones that reflect their personal style and values. LGBTQ+ weddings, in particular, have embraced the trend of using non-traditional stones to […]
Inclusive St. Patrick's Day Parades

Follow The Rainbow To These Inclusive St. Patrick’s Day Parades In The U.S.

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, and it’s time to celebrate the luck of the Irish in all its colorful glory! If you’re looking for LGBTQ+ inclusive St. Patrick’s Day parades, you’re in for a treat. Across the United States, communities are coming together to create inclusive spaces that welcome everyone, regardless of […]
Famous LGBTQ+ Women in U.S. History

Honoring the Legacy: Impactful LGBTQ+ Women In U.S. History

March is recognized as Women’s History Month, a time dedicated to celebrating the remarkable achievements and contributions of women throughout history. It’s a moment to honor their strength, courage, and determination in shaping societies worldwide. As we reflect on the strides made in advancing women’s rights, it’s crucial to acknowledge the significant role played by […]
Lesbian Valentine's Day Ideas

Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas for Lesbian Couples

Every woman wants to feel wooed once in awhile. Valentine’s Day may be the ultimate Hallmark holiday, but it’s the perfect time to get mushy with your honey bun. It’s an even more apropos celebration for lesbian couples because Valentine’s Day’s pagan roots lie in the celebration of Lupercalia. This festival celebrated the Goddess of […]
Must-Watch LGBTQ Romantic Movies

14 Must-Watch LGBTQ Valentine’s Movies

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so it’s time to start making your plans! Whether you’re spending the day with yourself, your friends, or your significant other, a romantic date night in is always a good idea. Think several bottles of wine, overflowing popcorn, and your favorite Valentine’s movies of all time. Here, we […]
Star Trolley St. Petersburg

Star Trolley: A Celebration on Wheels for the LGBTQ+ Community and Beyond

Roll out the red carpet and get ready for a ride that’s as unique as you are with Star Trolley in sunny St. Petersburg, Florida! Imagine riding through the streets with your favorite crowd, whether it’s your partner in pride, your wedding squad, or your fun-loving friends. Star Trolley’s gleaming, un-branded, all-white chariots are the […]
Luxury Engagement Gifts

Luxury Engagement Gifts For Couples: Unique And Romantic Ideas

As newly engaged couples continue to grow and strengthen their relationship, they deserve to be rewarded at the engagement party. A luxury engagement gift is a perfect way to show the couple how much you care about their future.  When you are looking for the perfect way to show your love and appreciation for an […]

How To Celebrate an LGBTQ Christmas With Your Chosen Family

For many who identify as LGBTQ, the holidays can intensify feelings of distance and depression. At a time when you should be surrounded by warmth and cheer, you may be worried about not feeling welcome at home, and for others who are welcome, they may not be able to bring their chosen partner with them. […]
Rainbow Christmas Ornament

LGBTQ Christmas Ornaments: Add Some Pride To Your Holidays

Christmas can be a thoroughly traditionalist holiday, so it’s nice to have the option to inject some LGBTQ+ pride into the occasion.  Getting some LGBTQ+ ornaments for your tree is a small but meaningful touch that can help you establish a sense of ownership and belonging.   Read on to find out why these ornaments can […]
LGBTQ+ Holiday Movies

16 LGBTQ+ Christmas Movies To Watch This Winter

Christmas movies have become their own unique genre of film boasting feel-good vibes and family hijinks – but it’s only in recent years that the highly traditionalist genre has embraced LGBTQ+ characters and plot elements. Thankfully, this is a match made in heaven. LGBTQ+ Christmas movies open up the genre to a constantly under-represented audience. […]
Hot Holiday Ideas For Christmas in Florida

Hot Holiday Ideas For Christmas in Florida

While up north Christmas is all about shoveling snow and hot cocoa, in Florida we do things a little bit differently. While the weather does get cooler around December, it rarely hits temperatures that will have you reaching for the hat and mittens.  If you are looking for festive activities this holiday season that don’t […]
Ideas for New Years Eve Party

Ideas For A New Year’s Eve Party

Whether you’re ready to leave this year behind or have fond memories of the year, there is no better way to welcome in the new year than with a New Year’s Eve party! We made the planning easy for you and created a list of great ideas for a New Year’s Eve Party. That said, ringing […]
LGBT Christmas Songs

Christmas Songs We Love From LGBTQ+ Artists

Let’s face it! For the longest time, Christmas just hasn’t been welcoming to LGBTQ+ folks. Even if your family is perfectly accepting of your identity, the culture surrounding Christmas seems to be tailored to the heterosexual nuclear family structure. Everything from the news coverage, to the movies, and yes, the music, is built on the […]
How to decorate your home for the HoliGays

Festive and Proud: The Ultimate Guide to Decorating Your Home for the HoliGAYS

Decorating your home for the “HoliGAYS” is an exciting and meaningful way to celebrate the holiday season. This unique blend of traditional holiday cheer and LGBTQ+ pride creates a colorful, welcoming atmosphere. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you deck the halls with style, joy, and a rainbow of colors. Understanding the HoliGAYS The “HoliGAYS” […]
How to be an Ally for LGBTQ+ on Holidays

How to Be an Ally to LGBTQ+ Friends and Family During the Holiday Season

The holiday season can be a complex time for members of the LGBTQ+ community. As families gather and traditions come into play, it’s important to ensure that LGBTQ+ friends and family feel supported and included. This guide offers practical tips on how to be an effective ally during the holiday season, covering topics like church […]
Holiday Events in Greater Fort Lauderdale

Your Ultimate Guide to Holiday Events in Greater Fort Lauderdale

As winter approaches, Greater Fort Lauderdale transforms into a tropical wonderland with a unique blend of holiday magic and a beachside twist. Check out these memorable events, perfect for marking your calendars and making the most of the holiday season! Light Up the Beach In early November, Fort Lauderdale’s beachfront lights up with over 50,000 […]
Holiday Events around the U.S.

The Best LGBTQ+ Friendly Holiday Festivals & Markets

Are you ready to add some extra sparkle to your holiday season? LGBTQ+ friendly holiday festivals and markets embrace the magic of the season, spread love, and create memorable experiences that everyone can enjoy. These events, typically running from mid-November through the end of December, bring a touch of fabulous to the holidays by adding […]
LGBTQ+ Friendsgiving Guide

The Ultimate LGBTQ+ Friendly Friendsgiving Guide: Plan The Perfect Feast

Get ready to host the most epic LGBTQ+ friendly Friendsgiving feast with our ultimate guide! Friendsgiving is a time-honored tradition where friends come together to celebrate gratitude, friendship, and of course, delicious food. Whether you’re a seasoned Friendsgiving host or a first-timer, this comprehensive guide will help you plan the perfect feast that will leave […]
Gay Getaways For Thanksgiving

11 Last-Minute Gay Getaways For Thanksgiving

For most people, Thanksgiving is a time to stay at home and eat turkey and watch football. But if you aren’t most people, it can be a great time to have a mini-holiday.  That being said, Thanksgiving is notoriously inconvenient for airline travelers, so you might want to stay closer to home and check out […]
LGBTQ Thanksgiving Ideas

12 Creative Ways to Spend a Gay Thanksgiving in Florida

Although it’s more traditional to sit around a table and take turns talking about what you’re thankful for, not everyone likes to spend their Thanksgiving that way. In fact, many members of the LGBTQ+ community prefer not to celebrate the holidays at a table or with family. For many LGBTQ people, Thanksgiving is all about […]

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History of Key West Pride
Pride in Paradise: Key West’s LGBTQ+ History and Culture
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