History of Key West Pride

Pride in Paradise: Key West’s LGBTQ+ History and Culture

Key West, Florida, is synonymous with a laid-back, island lifestyle that’s second only to its amazing sunsets. However, it’s the island’s LGBTQ+ history and culture that truly define its character. Known as a welcoming refuge where individuality is celebrated, Key West lights the way for diversity and acceptance. In this article, the colorful history and […]

Learn About Equality Florida: History, Mission, Programs and Annual Fundraising Events

Equality Florida has long been at the forefront of the fight for LGBTQ+ civil rights in the Sunshine State. With a mission to secure full equality for all Floridians, this dynamic organization has been tirelessly advocating, educating, and mobilizing communities since its inception.  Through a combination of strategic initiatives, impactful programs, and diverse fundraising initiatives […]
2024 LGBTQ+ Social Justice & Equity Fund

$300,000 Awarded to 10 LGBTQ+ Organizations in Broward County

In a concerted effort to address discrimination and disparities faced by the LGBTQ+ community in Broward County, the Our Fund Foundation and the Community Foundation of Broward have joined hands to award a total of $300,000 in grants. These grants, provided through the 2024 LGBTQ+ Social Justice & Equity Fund, aim to support innovative projects […]
Find Out Which WNBA Teams Host Pride Nights

Find Out Which WNBA Teams Host Pride Nights

In the world of professional sports, few leagues are as dedicated to the principles of equality and inclusivity as the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA). Among the initiatives the league has spearheaded, WNBA Pride Nights, which started in 2001, are a powerful statement to its unwavering commitment to the LGBTQ+ community. Over the years, the […]
Pride in Style - LGBTQ Pride Outfit

Create the Ultimate Pride Celebration Outfit with Amazon Finds

Pride events are more than just a festivity; they represent a movement of self-affirmation, equality, and human rights. The way we dress for Pride is a powerful form of self-expression and solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community. Amazon’s diverse product range offers endless possibilities to create an outfit that not only stands out but also holds […]
MLB LGBTQ+ Pride Night

MLB Celebrates LGBTQ+ Inclusivity With Their Annual Pride Nights

As America’s pastime, baseball has a special way of bringing people together. This is never more evident than when the Major League Baseball (MLB) calendar turns to June. Along with the rest of the country celebrating Pride, MLB joins in by hosting the LGBTQ+ community, its allies, and advocates for their annual Pride Nights. From […]
The Queer Trans Project

The Queer Trans Project: A Jacksonville-Based LGBTQ+ Organization Committed to Empowerment

Championing the cause of gender affirmation and societal change, the Jacksonville-based LBGTQ+ organization, The Queer Trans Project (QTP), shines its light of hope and empowerment on and within the LGBTQ+ community. An initiative of compassion and advocacy, it works to break down the barriers faced by queer and trans individuals through innovative programs and services. […]
NHL Pride Nights

The NHL Celebrates LGBTQ+ Inclusivity With Annual Pride Nights

In the world of professional sports, inclusivity has emerged as a fundamental value. The National Hockey League (NHL) exemplifies this belief through its annual Pride Nights, dedicated to honoring LGBTQ+ inclusivity within the hockey community. These events are celebrations of diversity and acceptance. So, let’s take a closer look at NHL Pride Nights as we […]
Why are Lesbians Flocking to St. Pete, FL

Why Lesbians are Flocking to St. Petersburg, FL

Is St. Petersburg, Florida, known to the locals as “St. Pete” or “the Burg,” becoming one of the “four corners” of the U.S. for lesbians? It certainly looks that way. So, the question begs to be asked, “Why are lesbians flocking to St. Petersburg?” To get the skinny from those “in the know,” OutCoast reached […]
DeLand Pride Love Wins

DeLand Pride: An In-Depth Look at Its History, Events, and Community Initiatives

“Being a voice for the voiceless by fostering belonging, serving the community, advancing equality, and empowering youth” is how DeLand Pride articulates its mission. As one of the most active LGBTQ+ non-profits in Central Florida, the organization’s dedication to their mission is evident in their history, events and community initiatives. Under the non-profit umbrella of […]
Annual Pride Events in Greater Fort Lauderdale

Discover The Top Annual LGBTQ+ Pride Events In Greater Fort Lauderdale

Greater Fort Lauderdale is a “hotbed” for the LGBTQ+ community especially when it comes to hosting pride events. With everything from parades to drag shows to street festivals, and even a few “on-the-water” events, these celebrations are a testament to the queer community’s belief that love is love and all are welcome here. So grab […]
Fort Lauderdale Anthem

Fort Lauderdale’s Anthem “Laudy Dayo” Debuts at the Rose Bowl Parade

The golden shores of Fort Lauderdale are alive with a new anthem that echoes the city’s spirited essence. Renowned Emmy®-nominated artist, Alexander Star, has collaborated with Visit Lauderdale to unveil the Greater Fort Lauderdale Anthem, “Laudy Dayo” at the 2024 Rose Bowl Parade. Released for digital download, this musical masterpiece is a celebration of the […]
Best LGBTQ+ Miami Events in Spring

The Best Events in Miami During “Rainbow Spring”

Miami Beach is the ultimate destination for travelers during its “Rainbow Spring” season. Along with its naturally diverse atmosphere and vibes all year round, Miami Beach amplifies its LGBTQ welcome even louder and prouder from March through June.  From the well-known Winter Party Festival to Miami Pride and SweetHeat Miami’s women-grade pool parties, you won’t […]
Transgender Day of Remembrance

Transgender Day of Remembrance: Florida Lives Lost to Violence

Transgender Day of Remembrance and Visibility is a time to come together to pause, reflect, and honor the memory of transgender gender non-conforming lives taken due to transphobia and anti-trans violence. Tragically, Florida is ground zero for the murders of transgender people in the country, particularly of black transgender women. Below we have listed the […]

Meet Heather Stotts: Tampa LGBTQ Realtor, Owner of The Hustle & Heart Group with Re/MAX Collective

Heather Stotts is Team Lead over one of the fastest growing real estate firms in the Tampa Bay Region. Originally with Century 21, and then more recently with Keller Williams, Heather and her Hustle & Heart Group recently partnered with RE/MAX Collective Group in Florida. Heather’s office is based in Seminole, Florida but her territory […]
Miami Beach Pride Overview

The Miami Beach Pride Event Lineup

Every April, Miami Beach Pride fills the city with tourists, party-goers, and allies alike. This Pride festival celebrates the diversity of the LGBTQ community through music, good vibes, and excellent food and drinks. From drag shows and beach parties to Pride Masses for our more spiritual brothers and sisters, there’s plenty to see and do […]
LGBTQ Pride Month in Pensacola

LGBTQ Pride Month In Pensacola: Where To Go And What To Do

Pensacola Pride starts in May, with the last weekend of the month kicking things off with a beach party for the LGBTQ community. Read on to learn more about Pensacola Pride, plus where you can go and what you can do to celebrate Pride month. The LGBTQ Community In Pensacola While LGBTQ people have lived […]
Naples Pride Overview

All About Naples Pride | LGBTQ History and Events

Since its first Pride festival in 2017 at Cambier Park, Naples Pride has become one of the most anticipated events in the area. What was once the humble Pride with Purpose Festival is now a volunteer-run organization, complete with a center for resources, healthcare, events, and education. If you’re visiting Naples and want to celebrate […]
Anthony Leitz

OutCoast Spotlight: Get to Know Anthony Leitz, Psychic Medium

Growing up in Central Illinois, “in the middle of nowhere,” Anthony Leitz, a psychic medium, always knew that he was different, even from an early age. But he didn’t understand that he had psychic abilities until he was about 13 years old, after his maternal grandmother died.  “I have chills thinking about this today,” he […]

Meet Natasha Samreny: Tampa Bay Comedian & Storyteller

Stories have always come naturally to comedian Natasha Samreny, who had a penchant for telling a tale – both on the page and on the stage – even as a child. Growing up, the self-described “multicultural military brat” was initially drawn to writing. “As much as you can be a writer, as a kid, I guess […]
Sheba the Queen of the Night

Meet Sheba Queen of the Night: Tampa Bay Burlesque Performer and Producer

Hailing from the San Francisco Bay area with traditional theater roots, Sheba Queen of the Night is a well known burlesque performer, producer, model, and sex coach in the Tampa Bay area.  In college, she studied dramatic arts and technology, learning theater and television production. And it was her work with various productions of “The […]
History & Events to Celebrate Tampa Pride

Tampa Pride History and Events

Last year, Tampa Pride drew many back to the streets of Ybor City as it hosted the first post-COVID national pride event. After a year of isolation, the Tampa Pride Parade and Festival made a comeback with a mix of performances, floats, numerous eclectic vendors, and various organizations – all united in celebration of the […]
Pride Cape Coral

Cape Coral Pride: Spreading Acceptance in a Fast-Growing City

When people think of LGBTQ living in Florida, they often think of cities like Orlando, Miami, and Tampa. Areas like Fort Myers and Cape Coral don’t have a large LGBTQ community or a reputation for being very accepting. But times are changing, and Cape Coral is beginning to have more to offer to the gay […]
Gulfport Pride Festival

The Gulfport Peace, Love and Pride Festival Returns to Gulfport

When Amy Oatley and Lynn DiVenuti bought ProSuzy, a website and radio station connecting lesbians and the greater LGBT community, in 2015, they were already well versed in organizing community events.  For years, the couple ran an industrial art center, hosting everything from art workshops and demos to chili cookoffs. Then, when they took over […]
Janis Mill

The Story Behind Jan Mills’ Book: Coming Out – It Only Took 50 Years

It’s tough enough living a double life – something many in the LGBTQ+ community can unfortunately relate to – but what about living a triple life? It sounds hard to believe, but that’s exactly what author Janis (Jan)E. Mills endured for much of her life. In her memoir, “Coming Out – It Only Took 50 […]

The Difference Between a Manatee and a Dugong_Canva
The Difference Between a Manatee and a Dugong
Equality Florida
Learn About Equality Florida: History, Mission, Programs and Annual Fundraising Events
Miami LGBTQ+ Owned Restaurants
Savor Miami: A Guide to LGBTQ+ Owned Restaurants
Hidden Disabilities Sunflower at Broward County Convention Center
Broward County Convention Center Adopts Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Program
Mari Jean Hotel & The Wet Spot
Discover the Gay, Adults-Only Mari Jean Hotel in St Petersburg’s Grand Central District


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