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Allow us to share with you some Pinellas County insider advice. For those of you who have avoided eating out in an attempt to save money, and to the rest of you who have been paying full fare for your favorite foods, feast your eyes on this – you can save 50% on your meals and receive major discounts at participating local businesses by taking advantage of the Club Savor discount program.

Roger Curlin and his business partner, Jack Homsey, introduced Club Savor to Pinellas County on December 12, 2016. Since then, the business has grown tenfold. OUTCOAST sat down with Roger Curlin to learn more about Club Savor and the benefits it provides to Pinellas County residents and business owners.

Tell me about your business background.

I am an attorney with my juris doctorate from Stetson University College of Law. I have practiced law, worked in the professional development world for attorneys (former President of the largest association for Continuing Legal Education professionals (ACLEA)), and currently focus exclusively on Club Savor and a local nightclub investment. I have an Advertising degree from the University of Florida and spent my first decade after school working in the restaurant/bar industry in Gainesville.

Club Savor
Roger Curlin (left) and Jack Homsey (right). Image provided by Club Savor

How did you come up with the Club Savor idea?

My business partner, Jack Homsey and I both worked with a national dining club for several months and learned about the general concept. Unfortunately, for the national program, it had some flaws that lead to it collapsing. Jack and I had spotted those flaws early in our involvement and following the national company’s closing, decided we could fix the flaws and launch our own version.

What benefits does Club Savor provide to business owners?

The restaurants and bars we partner with provide half off entrees and alcohol for our members and a guest. This is an amazing deal they make available and in exchange we provide five things for our partners: (1) we send them high quality traffic (Over 3,000 weekly diners/drinkers use our program), (2) we structured our values so that every ticket still gives them profit with potential for upsell and repeat loyalty, (3) we provide endless marketing across our program which has included print, radio, tv, online, social media, and in-person promoting, (4) we provide consulting, event-catering referrals, and networking alignments, plus (5) we share our member revenue. All of these benefits to our partners are given free of charge – there is no fee for restaurants and bars to partner up with us.

What benefits does Club Savor provide to consumers?

Our member benefits are awesome. Members pay $29.95 a month and receive half off an entrée and half of an alcoholic drink for both themselves and a guest – the membership pays for itself in one night out. The deal is good all day, every day at over 60 local restaurants and bars.  Most entrees are available at each location, and there are no black out dates. There a few minor restrictions to make sure our members aren’t taking advantage of the restaurant. Example – they can’t get half off a happy hour or early bird special. In addition to the core value of dining/drinking deals, members also save on over 100 deals in Beauty, Shopping, Travel, Health, Pets, Entertainment, and Services.

Who was the first restaurant to join Club Savor?

Sea Critters Café in Pass-a-Grille was the first location that signed onto the Club Savor program and is still the most visited location of our entire portfolio.

Tell me a little bit about their experience as a Club Savor Partner.

Sea Critters is an awesome partner. They have grown their own loyalty program by introducing membership in the club to hundreds of restaurant guests. They reward this loyalty and repeat customer visits by offering the Club Savor value on a huge variety of menu items. Many of our members report going to eat at Sea Critters more often than their own kitchen. The service level is amazing and many of our members report they feel more like family when they go to Sea Critters. Likewise, most of the beach restaurants and bars are subject to significant seasonal swings. Sea Critters has established such a great local following and Club Savor members regularly visit their restaurant out of season that servers and staff are still able to get great shifts and tips through a typically slow time.

What areas does Club Savor Serve and are there plans to expand? Where?

Club Savor currently serves Pinellas County, and we have plans to grow into Hillsborough and Manatee/Sarasota Counties in 2020.

You’ve mentioned a new “services” section on Club Savor. Tell me more.

We found that many of our members use local services where they may not necessarily have a referral business yet. We are reaching out to local service-oriented businesses and letting them put great promotions on our mobile website for our members. We just started this new category and I expect we will have a great selection to choose from within the next few months. In fact, Club Savor is looking for team members to help with this outreach, and asks anyone interested to reach out to me: roger@clubsavor.com

If I am a business owner interested in learning more, who should I contact?

Any restaurant, bar, or local business in Beauty, Shopping, Travel, Health, Pets, Entertainment, or Services that wishes to promote to our nearly local 1,500 members, should reach out to me directly to set up an interview – roger@clubsavor.com

If I am a consumer interested in signing up to receive discounts, how do I do so?

It’s super easy for members to sign up! Click here to sign up! It takes 2 minutes and your membership is automatically active and usable immediately.

Disclaimer: There is a good chance that this post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through them, we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you (for which we are extremely grateful).  

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