Cerealholic Cafe and Bar

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What started as a simple trip across the pond and a unfortunate series of events rose Cerealholic Cafe and Bar. Our family as many across the globe was affected negatively in these most uncertain times. However, as a family we banded together and decided it was a blessing in disguise. With over 50 years of hospitality experience, hard work, and lets face a huge gamble we embarked on a dream. That dream was to bring a little whimsy back into your local cafe and bar.

We wanted to create a place where people of all ages could come and have a truly unique experience. Bringing everyone’s favorite childhood memories to life; Saturday morning cartoons, late night gaming sessions, eating cereal with your moms big wooden spoon, BBQ in the backyard, and so much more. Oh.. and not to mention some good food too. You can say our small little piece of the world is made up nostalgia, family, and a dash of whimsy dusted with cereal.

Veteran Owned
For veterans by veterans. Show your active duty id or state issued id with veteran designation and received 15% off


Here to create memories one day at a time no matter the age. Working with local vendors and our surrounding community to uplift and support each other.

Join us for drinks and drag.

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