Holy Spirit Synodal Catholic Church

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3265 Florida 580, Safety Harbor, FL 34695, USA
3265 Florida 580 Safety Harbor Florida 34695 US

Holy Spirit Synodal Catholic Church is a vibrant, fully inclusive community committed to nurturing all in their relationship with God, self and others because it’s about relationships, not rules!

They are Catholics vigorously defending and joyfully celebrating distinctive characteristics as a Catholic Church such as:

-Giving priests the freedom to embrace healthy, intimate relationships through holy union in marriage and the opportunity to establish families of their own.
-Giving women the opportunity to serve God’s people as ordained deacons, priests and bishops.
-Inviting the divorced and remarried back to the Sacraments and full life of the Church without need for ecclesiastical annulments.
-Including all the baptized, whether Catholic, Orthodox or Protestant in the celebration of the Sacraments.
-Recognizing the dignity and beauty of all human beings regardless of their race, origin, gender, sexual orientation, or economic status.

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