Project No Labels

St. Petersburg, FL, USA
2260 1st Avenue South Saint Petersburg Florida 33701 US

Mission: Uniting all LGBTQ+ Supporters in Tampa Bay through positive activities and events. We promote volunteerism & activism for a fulfilling LGBTQ+ lifestyle.

About Project No Labels

Our community is a beautiful one and, here at PNL, we like to share this beauty with Tampa Bay and the world. And we do so through countless mediums: our amazing volunteerism, activism and voice, creative social gatherings, and by creating a safe atmosphere for everyone regardless of orientation, gender, religion, color, beliefs.

We believe that the things that separate us can also be what unites us, and our mission is to unite.


  • If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health, including but not limited to orientation, gender, and identity issues, please check out our mental health page and consider our affordable mental health program through our partnership with Dr. Katie Shubert, Psychotherapist.

  • If you’re interested in making a generous contribution to help in our goal of unity and empowerment, please visit our sponsorship page.

  • If you want to contribute your time and skills to an amazing cause, please fill out our volunteer form and someone from our team will reach out to you.

  • If you’re a local small business, organization, or artist interested in collaborating and promoting with PNL, please visit our allies page.

  • If you’d like to share the love and make a kind donation to our organization, we encourage you to donate.

  • If you simply want to join in on all the fun and celebrate our beautiful community with us, please visit our events page.

Here at PNL, what separates us unites us.

And our family is only getting bigger!

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