Pure Romance with Brena Dee

St. Petersburg, FL, USA
341 5th Street South Saint Petersburg Florida 33701 US

What is Pure Romance?

At Pure Romance, it’s not just who we are, it’s what we do! Our mission is to empower women. To give them a safe environment to learn about sexual health and to give them permission to know their bodies, strengthen their romantic relationships, and to encourage open communication with their health care providers. It’s these experiences, that have made Pure Romance much more than just a company, but a movement to enhance the lives of women everywhere.

What happens at a party?

A Pure Romance party gives women the chance to have a ton of fun and laugh uncontrollably, all while learning together in a safe place. You will see the latest in bath and beauty products, as well as premium lubricants, lingerie, and relationships and intimacy enhancement products! After the presentation, each guest has the opportunity to ask questions and shop privately.

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