The Cade Museum for Creativity and Invention

811 South Main Street, Gainesville, FL 32601, USA
811 South Main Street Gainesville Florida 32601 US

Our mission is to transform communities by inspiring and equipping future inventors,
​entrepreneurs, and

Our vision is to spread an inventive mindset across the world.

We believe in creativity.

Why is creativity our passion? Studies show that it is a better predictor of success and happiness in life than the intelligence quotient. The good news is that everyone has creative potential and that creativity can be cultivated. Our classes, programs, and exhibits are designed to engage visitors in “purposeful creativity,” the kind that leads to great inventions, new businesses and ideas that change the world.

​Purposeful creativity reflects the character of our namesake,
Dr. James Robert Cade, the University of Florida physician that led the team that invented Gatorade in 1965.  Scientist, poet, musician, and a collector of violins and Studebakers, Dr. Cade exemplified joyful creativity with a purpose.

We believe in inspiring future inventors and entrepreneurs. 

Rather than teaching subjects in isolation, unconnected to daily life, we teach and inspire through inventions, creating an interlocking tapestry of experiences. Like the best museums, the Cade Museum will provide great experiences with interactive learning, programs, and opportunities to grow into your creative potential. “Living Exhibits” connect local and national inventors, entrepreneurs, and creative problem solvers with school children and adults alike.

We believe in the power of a great idea. 

We believe that great ideas happen when disciplines intersect in novel and exciting ways. Many famous inventors are also musicians and artists, and report that their inspiration often comes when engaged in the arts.  Einstein, an accomplished violinist, even said that the theory of relativity “came to [him] through musical intuition.”  Even the best scientists need a creative team.  The most successful teams often include a mix of disciplines, like theoretical scientists combined with practical engineers or creative designers.

We believe in creative transformation.

We believe that transforming a forgotten crossroads into a crown jewel of the community is a compelling symbol illustrating the very essence of the creative process. The architectural design of our museum, with intersecting crossroads, encompasses the overarching theme of purposeful creativity, and will allow visitors to connect their own experiences to the larger narrative of the human creative endeavor. The Cade Museum will occupy a prime position in downtown Gainesville’s Depot Park. Phase One of our project was completed in the Fall of 2017 with a 21,000 square foot exceptional design, providing a portal to export our ideas, inventions, and innovations to the world. During Phase Two, an additional 24,000 square feet will be added. ​

Spark creativity and invention. Revolutionize art and science. 

At the Cade Museum for Creativity & Invention our philosophy is arranged along an arc of Think like an inventor or entrepreneur, Meet an inventor or entrepreneur and Be an inventor or entrepreneur that guides the creation of the museum’s exhibits and programs. Using this guiding arc enables us to connect concepts in the exhibits with programming, thus creating a cohesive message of creativity and invention.

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