The Inner Truth Project

2190 NW Reserve Park Trace #13, Port St. Lucie, Fl 34986
2190 Reserve Park Trce Port St. Lucie Florida 34986 US

The Inner Truth Project offers outreach to the community and services to survivors of sexual violence, allowing them to bravely share the truth about their experiences in a safe environment in order to actualize emotional strength, hope, health and well being.

The Inner Truth Project is a not for profit organization committed to changing the conversation and eliminating the shame and secrecy of sexual abuse, violence or rape. We believe that speaking our truth in a safe, accepting and healing environment is the first step on our journey forward.

We believe that people who have experienced sexual violence have the right to keep their information strictly confidential (except in cases of child abuse or neglect, or when clients are a danger to themselves or others).

We believe people who experience sexual violence are not to blame. Perpetrators of sexual violence are to blame. We believe in listening.

We believe in supporting and exploring options and alternatives that make sense to those that have experienced sexual violence so that they can live as survivors not victims. We believe in survivors.

We believe that sexual violence is a widespread public health threat with historical and cultural origins, rather than the isolated problem of a small margin of people. Sexual violence is one aspect of gender-based oppression, and is inextricably linked to other forms of oppression.

We believe that most people, of all genders and backgrounds, see sexual violence as wrong. It is our goal to empower survivors to use their Inner voice and unite across boundaries to address this problem together. We reject thinking that says rape is a woman’s issue or that denigrates men as the enemy.

Integrative Healing
We believe in offering alternative approaches along with traditional methods to healing so that each survivor may have the opportunity to explore new and unconventional treatments and incorporate the mind, body, spirit connection in a safe and caring environment.

We believe that all people deserve to experience healthy sexuality, personal safety and be treated with integrity regardless of sex, gender identity or sexual identity. Our programming stems from this belief, and seeks to promote open communication and informed choice with the most comfortable way to approach the healing journey.

Personal Responsibility
We believe healing is possible and each person at The Inner Truth Project is responsible for their own journey, intentions and energy.

We believe in the power of letting go of secrets, shame and sharing our Inner Truth. We believe in creating safe zones to always tell our truth without judgment, retaliation or punishment.

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