Does Travel Insurance Cover Hurricanes?

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With beautiful beaches, charming bay towns, fun theme parks, and incredible nightlife, there are countless reasons to choose Florida as your next vacation destination. Unfortunately, given its geography, Florida also has an annual hurricane season.
Thankfully, you don’t have to let this ruin your vacation plans! There are many travel insurance options out there that will let you travel worry-free. Here are some things to consider when looking for travel insurance especially when traveling during hurricane season.

When Is Florida’s Hurricane Season?

One way to worry less about hurricanes is to not travel during hurricane season. For Florida, the official hurricane season is from June to November each year, with mid-August to mid-October being the peak season.
Still, this doesn’t mean you should completely rule out traveling at those times. Florida and its residents have learned a lot over the years on how to prepare for hurricanes, and it’s rare for a hurricane to directly hit any particular destination.

Does Travel Insurance Cover Hurricanes?

When traveling to Florida, especially during hurricane season, it’s important to look for travel insurance that covers hurricanes. But this might not be explicitly spelled out as “hurricane coverage”, so here are some things you should look for when considering different travel insurance providers:

Trip Cancellation Insurance

Transportation tickets are one of the most expensive travel costs. They are often nonrefundable, especially if it’s close to the departure date. If your flight gets canceled due to hurricane warnings, trip cancellation coverage can help you recover prepaid or previously nonrefundable costs.
The allowable reasons for trip cancellations should be listed clearly in your travel insurance policy. Your policy should explicitly state that hurricanes are covered. Confirm with your provider to be sure.

Travel Delay Insurance

Travel delays can set you back a great deal. Depending on how long the delay is, you might end up having to spend extra on accommodations and food. You might also need to pay extra for missed flight connections, and you’ll lose any money you’ve already put towards planned activities.
It’s important to account for any travel delays that hurricanes may cause. Make sure your policy explicitly covers hurricanes so you won’t run into any problems. While policies can be different, most don’t cover delays less than five hours

Cancel For Any Reason Insurance

If you want to be absolutely sure that you will be covered no matter what, get “cancel for any reason” travel insurance or CFAR. Like the name implies, if you cancel for any reason, CFAR insurance will have you covered. You likely won’t be able to get back 100% of your expenses, but you can recover a good chunk.

Travel Safe

Travel insurance might be the last thing on your mind when traveling, but it’s always better to have it and not use it than to need it and not have it! Whether it’s hurricanes, mechanical failure, or any other trouble, travel insurance can help you make sure you don’t end up with a ton of unexpected costs.

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