Eco-Friendly Getaways at Legacy Vacation Resort Lake Buena Vista: Embrace Sustainability

Eco-Friendly Legacy Vacation Resort Lake Buena Vista
Photo courtesy of Legacy Vacation Resorts

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Nestled in the heart of Lake Buena Vista, Legacy Vacation Resorts (LVR) presents a transformation that promises not only an exceptional travel experience but also a conscious step toward sustainable tourism. The property, renowned for its prime location along Palm Parkway in Orlando and proximity to world-renowned attractions like Walt Disney World®, Universal Studios® Orlando, SeaWorld®, and Disney Springs®, warmly welcomes eco-conscious travelers to your ideal eco-friendly hotel in Orlando.

At the forefront of this endeavor lies LVR’s steadfast commitment to the environment and the local community. As the highest scoring Certified B Corp hotel company in North America, Legacy Vacation Resorts has woven an inspiring legacy of responsible travel. This project, blending innovation and regenerative principles, underscores their dedication to both the planet and your vacation.

Legacy Vacation Resorts 3BR Guest Bed
Photo courtesy of Legacy Vacation Resorts

Eco-Friendly Renovation Highlights

A mindful renovation project has breathed new life into the Lake Buena Vista property, enhancing everything from design aesthetics to guest experiences and sustainability programs. The exquisite transformation comprises 28 three-bedroom villas that seamlessly embody LVR’s brand identity and core values, offering travelers a more immersive and environmentally conscious stay at your ideal eco-friendly hotel in Orlando.

Highlights of this transformation include:

Solar Power Array

The project boasts a solar panel array, harnessing the power of the sun to provide clean energy. This initiative marks a stride toward a lower carbon footprint, minimizing the resort’s impact on the environment.

Plastic-Free Amenities

LVR has embraced a more sustainable approach by bidding farewell to single-use plastics and introducing reusable and eco-friendly amenities. This small change yields a considerable impact, reducing plastic waste and encouraging responsible consumption.

Legacy Vacation Resorts Eco-Friendly Water Bottle
Photo courtesy of Legacy Vacation Resorts

Innovative Materials

The property’s redesign showcases environmentally friendly building materials, such as carpet tiles made from upcycled fishing nets. These thoughtful touches reflect LVR’s commitment to sustainable sourcing and design.

Smart Sustainability

Cutting-edge technologies like the Verdant smart thermostat system and Energy Star rated appliances harmonize guest comfort with energy efficiency, making your stay both cozy and planet-friendly.

Legacy Vacation Resorts 3BR Kitchen
Photo courtesy of Legacy Vacation Resorts

Water-Wise Initiatives

LVR takes water conservation to heart with low-flow plumbing fixtures and water-reducing technologies in each room. Guests can also fill up their reusable water bottles at conveniently located stations, contributing to the reduction of single-use plastic.

Championing B-Tourism

As part of their holistic approach to sustainable travel, Legacy Vacation Resorts embraces B-Tourism. This philosophy seeks to redefine tourism by placing a stronger emphasis on local communities, environmental preservation, and responsible practices. By actively engaging with the principles of B-Tourism, LVR is not only elevating the quality of the guest experience but also ensuring that every footprint left behind contributes positively to the destination’s ecosystem.

Legacy Vacation Resorts 3BR Master Bathroom
Photo courtesy of Legacy Vacation Resorts

A Thoughtfully Crafted Experience

While the property’s sustainable initiatives undoubtedly play a significant role, the design enhancements are equally captivating. LVR introduces a deluxe 1,200 sq. ft. three-bedroom suite, accommodating up to 10 guests. This spacious haven invites larger families and groups to explore the wonders of Lake Buena Vista together, providing ample room for relaxation and connection.

The room design seamlessly blends modernity with eco-friendliness, reflecting a serene color palette inspired by Florida’s native flora. Large-scale botanical-themed wall art pays homage to the environment and reinforces LVR’s 1% For The Planet partnership, where a portion of hotel sales supports environmental charities.

A Vision for a Better Tomorrow

Alex Smith, Chief Operating Officer at Legacy Vacation Resorts, encapsulates the spirit of this project: “Travelers today are seeking more responsible ways to explore and enjoy the destinations they love.” LVR’s dedication to sustainability is evident not just in this renovation but in their overarching goals. With ambitious aims to achieve Net Zero carbon emissions by 2030, 100% renewable energy company-wide by 2030, and robust support for local economies, Legacy Vacation Resorts is paving the way for a brighter, greener future.

This transformation isn’t just about a resort—it’s about reimagining travel, empowering guests to align their values with their vacation experiences. Your ideal eco-friendly hotel in Orlando, the Legacy Vacation Resorts at Lake Buena Vista, is a testament to the fact that a holiday can be luxurious, exciting, and responsible all at once. So, whether you’re exploring nearby theme parks or relaxing by the pool, your stay here contributes to a legacy of positive change. Book your stay today and embark on a journey that leaves footprints of inspiration and sustainability.

If you’re on the lookout for eco-friendly destinations in Florida, you’re all set to embark on a green and sustainable adventure!

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