Employment Discrimination Still an Obstacle for LGBTQ+ Community


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While the LGBTQ+ community has been making great strides in gaining equality, studies suggest that, as far as employment discrimination is concerned, we still have a long way to go, reports Anna Swartz for Mic.com.

Our federal hiring and firing discrimination laws do not protect against discrimination based on gender identity or sexual orientation. This means that, depending on the state they live in, many LGBTQ+ individuals are left vulnerable to discrimination. At the moment, 28 states do not have protections in place to prevent hiring and firing discrimination based on sexual orientation, and 30 states do not have protections based on gender identity.

Even when employers themselves have nondiscrimination policies–and more and more of them do these days–some people may ignore or be unaware of these policies. According to Deena Fidas, Director of the HRC Foundation Workplace Equality Program, “at the stage of a campus job fair or a local hiring manager, it’s hard to account for whether that individual will approach the process and the candidate with full knowledge of that policy.”

These factors lead to a wage gap between most LGBTQ+ communities and their straight counterparts. Additionally, employers may not offer the same healthcare benefits to same-sex couples that they do to different-sex couples, which only deepens the inequality.

Whatever your financial situation, it can sometimes help to get a second opinion. That’s where companies like the Creative Capital Wealth Management Group, which partners with an LGBTQ-focused nonprofit, come in. Creative Capital Wealth Management focuses on maximizing your financial gain by creating plans that fit each individual customer.

Read the Mic.com article here, and visit the Creative Capital Wealth Management Group’s website here.

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