GAYme Night: Bingo with a Twist

23jun5:30 pm9:00 pmGAYme Night: Bingo with a Twist

Event Details

BINGO is getting a makeover! It’s L.G.B.T.Q. instead of B-I-N-G-O, and each letter has a challenge. But wait, there’s more – you’ll be playing with a team of four at each table, battling it out with other teams for each square!

How many teams: 8 (four players to each team)

When we call out “L3”, one of your teammates will get ready for a lipsync duet battle with a partner from another table against the other teams! Don’t worry we wont make you lipsync alone and you’ll get to choose the song!

Games (detailed game description in FAQ):

L – Lipsync Battle
G – Guess that Song
B – Blockbuster
T – Trivia
Q – Queerwitted

Registration includes 4 players to a team, you can register as a FREE AGENT.


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