Fort Lauderdale’s Anthem “Laudy Dayo” Debuts at the Rose Bowl Parade

Fort Lauderdale Anthem
Photo courtesy of Visit Lauderdale

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The golden shores of Fort Lauderdale are alive with a new anthem that echoes the city’s spirited essence. Renowned Emmy®-nominated artist, Alexander Star, has collaborated with Visit Lauderdale to unveil the Greater Fort Lauderdale Anthem, “Laudy Dayo” at the 2024 Rose Bowl Parade. Released for digital download, this musical masterpiece is a celebration of the city’s diverse community, gorgeous landscapes, and dynamic energy.

The Unveiling Of “Laudy Dayo”

“Laudy Dayo” transcends conventional tunes as a timeless representation of Fort Lauderdale’s unique character. The collaboration between Alexander Star and Visit Lauderdale marks a groundbreaking initiative to represent the city’s vibrant and inclusive spirit through the universal language of music.

Stacy Ritter, President and CEO of Visit Lauderdale states, “This brand new and original anthem speaks to the diversity of Greater Fort Lauderdale and paints its beauty in a song.” The debut of “Laudy Dayo” is already making waves, emphasizing the importance of inclusivity and fostering a sense of unity within the community.

Inaugural Appearance In The Rose Bowl Parade

The Fort Lauderdale float in the 2024 Rose Bowl Parade, created by Visit Lauderdale, was a masterful celebration of the city’s diversity and creativity. This stunning display marked the organization’s first participation in this iconic event. The float, measuring 24 feet long, 18 feet wide, and 55 feet high, recreated Greater Fort Lauderdale’s tropical paradise with an ingenious use of organic materials, including up to 45,000 flowers such as fragrant and colorful roses, flax seeds, brussels sprouts, sesame seeds, blue statice, heliconia, and cymbidium orchids.

Highlighting the area’s unique ecosystem from the Everglades to the Atlantic Ocean, the float featured life-sized alligators with waving tails, friendly manatees, and sea turtles emerging from the sands. Among its riders were notable figures like Miss Florida Seminole Princess Thomlynn Billie, LGBTQ human rights leader Stuart Milk, Broward County Public Schools Principal of the Year Marie Hautigan, Florida Panthers’ hockey legend Bill Lindsay, mascot Stanley C. Panther, and Emmy®-nominated songwriter Alexander Star. 

It is here where Star took center stage to perform “Laudy Dayo.”

Visit Lauderdale Rose Bowl Parade Float
Photo courtesy of Visit Lauderdale

Described by Visit Lauderdale president and CEO Stacy Ritter as a “living tapestry in motion,” the float embodied the rich cultural heritage, commitment to inclusivity and diversity, and the extraordinary sports, entertainment, and musical personalities that make Greater Fort Lauderdale special. The float’s appearance in the 135th Rose Parade®, broadcasted nationally to an audience of approximately 45.5 million viewers, was a testament to the destination’s ethos of welcoming and delighting everyone under the sun.

Fort Lauderdale’s Reputation: An LGBTQ+ Friendly Haven

With 24 miles of golden sand beaches, 300+ miles of navigable waterways, and an average year-round temperature of 77˚F, Greater Fort Lauderdale boasts a diverse landscape that serves as the backdrop for its inclusive community. Fort Lauderdale’s reputation as an LGBTQ+ friendly destination is at the forefront of this musical collaboration. Often referred to as the Venice of America and the Yachting Capital of the World, the city’s diverse population, representing 170 countries and speaking 147 languages, paints a vivid picture of acceptance and celebration of differences.

Visit Lauderdale Rose Bowl Parade
Photo courtesy of Visit Lauderdale

Visit Lauderdale: The City’s Biggest Advocate

Serving as the official destination marketing organization for Greater Fort Lauderdale, Visit Lauderdale plays a pivotal role in promoting the city’s 31 municipalities to a global audience of leisure and business travelers. Their mission aligns with showcasing Fort Lauderdale as the ideal destination for “Everyone Under the Sun.”

Fort Lauderdale’s Anthem To Inclusivity

In the symphony of life, every city has its unique melody, and Fort Lauderdale’s anthem, “Laudy Dayo,” has already become the crescendo that echoes the values of inclusivity, diversity, and acceptance. Embrace the harmonious notes that celebrate Fort Lauderdale’s spirited essence and make it a city like no other. Get ready to be swept away by the musical embrace of “Laudy Dayo,” where the soul of Fort Lauderdale finds its voice.

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Also, while we do our best to highlight LGBTQ-friendly destinations and businesses, info provided is based solely on personal experience and recommendations by community partners. We hope that nobody experiences discrimination or homophobia while visiting Florida and beyond, but we make no guarantees. Please inform us if you experience discrimination or homophobia while visiting any destination so we can make updates to our recommendations.

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