Gorgeous Outdoor Wall Art Ideas To Spice Up Your Home

Gorgeous Outdoor Wall Art Ideas for Home

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First impressions last, and when it comes to homes, it’s the exterior walls that take center stage. Before even stepping inside, outdoor wall decor can already give off a homey and cozy ambiance.

While minimalism is certainly a great design philosophy, it doesn’t mean you should leave your outdoor walls blank, empty, and quite frankly, boring. Whether it’s just one outdoor statement piece or a more intricate set-up, read on for eight captivating outdoor wall art ideas for your home!

What To Consider Before Investing In Outdoor Wall Decor

You are likely going to experience some complications and limiting factors depending on things like your location, your budget, and the purpose of your outdoor space. Here are some things that you should consider before letting your imagination get out of control. 


While you can invest in covered patios or decks that can protect from rain, it’s inevitable that at least some of your outdoor decor (especially those on your outdoor walls) will get wet. When looking at pieces, consider if they will be constantly exposed to rain – and if so, make sure that they’re waterproof! If not, you can get some waterproofing spray to make your wall decor last longer.

On the other hand, while sunny weather makes spending time outdoors a whole lot more enjoyable, too much sun exposure can also wear out decor and furniture. Bright colors may fade more easily, which can take away from your well thought out design. Invest in a sun shield that you can spray onto your pieces, especially those made out of fabric.

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While sprays can help weatherproof your outdoor wall decor, your decor would last much longer if you choose those made of materials that are meant to withstand your area’s conditions. For example, avoid using too much raw wood in places that are constantly exposed to sun or rain, as these are likely to get worn down more easily, especially when it’s humid.

Choosing metal wall art and accents may be pricier than, say, wooden articles, but these will hold up better outdoors. An outdoor living space can also be made comfy with cushions made out of olefin or polypropylene fabric, which are water-resistant and stand up against heat and molds.


Like any decorating project, what should inform your choices most is its use. An outdoor space can be many things; a second living room, a garden, a meditation area, and so on. Think about how you will be using your outdoor space, and plan your decor accordingly!

Start with the functional needs, such as lounge chairs and storage, then build around these. If you’re left with a big, blank wall space, get an outdoor statement piece to spruce it up.

Outdoor Wall Decor Ideas


While fences are primarily meant to be functional (for privacy and security), that doesn’t mean that they can’t look good! An unattractive fence can easily be covered with a bamboo screen to make a pretty and natural backdrop for your outdoor space. If you’re not into that look, you can spray paint the fence to match your chosen color scheme or place potted plants along the wall to cover it up.

Shared by zapCulture on Pixabay


A patio is a great place to lounge when you want to relax and get some air. During the warm weather months, enjoy your patio as a second living room by putting out some comfortable chairs that are made to withstand all weather conditions, then decorate around them. Use an eye-catching color for the cushions, then use the same color on the other elements of the patio. If you have old windows peeking out into the patio, frame them with some colorful blooms in a window box – it’s okay to stick with artificial flowers for outdoor wall decor if you don’t have a green thumb.

Shared by Cagin Kargi on Unsplash

Deck Walls

A deck wall can provide not only privacy, but also more wall space for you to display wall art! Add some visual interest by adding an abstract crisscross pattern, or make a bold statement through custom signage! Drape some string lights for a cozy ambiance even at night.

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Pool Side

Vintage canoe paddles and vintage lobster traps are also great for dressing up a pool cabana wall. Go all out with a nautical theme by hanging wooden canoe paddles and a lifesaver as wall decor, and using vintage lobster traps as display tables. Use vintage canoe paddles alongside antique fishing floats and fishing nets for a beachier, rustic look.

If a nautical theme is not your thing, create a homey and cozy ambiance using string lights. Accent lighting can make the pool’s water features stand out more and make your outdoor area enjoyable at all times of the day.

Photo by Keirstin Proud


You may already have tons of things going on in your backyard, or maybe you want to keep an open space for kids to run around in, but don’t forget to jazz up your walls and fences! If you have plain, concrete or wooden walls, add a personal touch by having a mural painted on. If you fancy yourself an artist, break out the paint and do it yourself; otherwise, ask around and you just might have a friend with a creative streak who’s willing to help you out! While murals can be as big and grand as you want, it’s also easy enough to change should you want a different look.

If you want to literally bring some more life into your backyard walls, place a crisscross trellis on your wall to mimic a vertical garden. At the foot of the trellis, put down some planters then put in some trailing plants! Let the plants crawl up the trellis and you’ll have a gorgeous living wall in no time. Make sure you choose vining plants that thrive with heat and humidity, so that you won’t have to spend too much time worrying about them.

Shared by Ben Ashby on Unsplash


Whether it’s your backyard, front yard, or any other untapped yard space you have, a garden is always a great way to bring life to a space. For big, dull concrete walls, consider putting up a vertical garden! Put up some hanging pots and fill them with herbs. This way, you can have gorgeous green walls while making sure that you always have some flavorful herbs on hand for your favorite dishes!

If you’re not too big on cooking or a fan of herbs, swap them out for some flowering plants. Again, make sure to choose native plants so that you won’t struggle with keeping them alive! If you want to ensure that your vertical garden looks great year round, don’t just focus on flowers – add in some plants with interesting foliage that can serve as wall decor.

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For apartment and condo dwellers, their only outdoor space might be a balcony. One way to make the most out of this space is to decorate its walls! Add in some hanging baskets to bring in some greenery, or line your wall with planters in varying heights and colors to liven up the space.

If you prefer lower maintenance options, create a beautiful setting with some accent lights and a statement piece – it can be a timepiece, a framed piece of art, or even a sculpture! Make sure to choose pieces that can withstand outdoor conditions: think about the sun, rain, and wind that these will be exposed to.

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Exterior Walls

If you happen to have brick walls for your house exterior, rejoice! Brick walls are gorgeous by themselves, and serve as a great canvas for any wall art. Other exterior wall finishes, such as stucco, are also great backdrops for wall art. To avoid too much clutter, stick to clean, simple pieces that don’t compete with the texture. You can also choose to add in pops of color with paint!

For long walls, break it up with a statement piece. For gardens already overflowing with greenery, keep it interesting by bringing in a water feature – perhaps a fountain or birdbath.

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There are tons of ways you can go about decorating your home, and your outdoor walls are no different! Take inspiration from nature, art, or even how your neighbors choose to decorate – there are no hard and fast rules! Whether it’s a single statement piece or a well-orchestrated space, you can definitely have your own unique wall.

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