How to Sell Your House Fast in Florida

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Make Selling Your Florida Home Stress Free

Selling property doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. There are tools and tips for streamlining the process. We’ve consulted with experts and assembled these reminders to help you sell your Florida home fast and stress free.

Find the Right Realtor

Do your homework to find a good realtor. Don’t just go with your neighbor’s cousin’s best friend. Find a professional you can respect and who treats you the same. Look for a realtor who has references that demonstrate they know their stuff. Make sure your agent is licensed and current on regulations, guidelines, and best practices.

Make sure your contract includes terms regarding the time-frame your property will be listed. Keep in mind current real estate websites often reflect the duration a property has been on the market. If a property has been listed above the average time-frame for the area prospective buyers may see red flags.

Make sure you feel comfortable with the person who will be help you sell your Florida home. Is s/he responsive? Can you relate to her/him? Do you get the information and vibe you need to feel at ease?

Gather Your Paperwork

Collect all documents relating to your Florida home in one place. Specifically, info on items like inspection certificates, warranties for major appliances, receipts for purchases that will convey with the home.

Copies of permits for work done on the property. Store your original documents off site but keep copies in a binder on site for prospective buyers and agents to review.

This level of transparency will appeal to buyers. They’ll think you’re always super organized so have always been timely with maintenance and a great care taker of your Florida home.  

This organizer is the perfect tool to keep those real estate important files in one place.


Nothing says “neutral oasis” like clutter-free horizontal surfaces. In well loved and lived homes they are at a premium.

Imagine your property is a hotel room. Welcoming and warm, but with plenty of neutral and available surfaces. Allow prospective buyers to envision their prized possessions in your space, instead of navigating your family photos, books, and the heirloom clown figurines Aunt Ethel gave you as a housewarming gift.

Clear the Air

Make sure your home sweet home is smelling sweet. But not too sweet. Avoid artificial smelling cleansers and candles. Save that bacon gardenia tropical soy candle for your new home. Prepare to sell your Florida home with neutral and natural elements whenever possible. Nothing says fresh like gentle, natural citrus and organic botanical scents.

Consider the natural approach with a natural mixture of baking soda, white vinegar, and hot water to gently flush odors from drains. Keep it simple – aim for neutral scents that neutralize pet, cooking, and smoke odors.

Try an air freshening diffuser.

Let the Sun Shine In!

Set the stage for success by turning on some lights to help even out shadows and create even lighting throughout each room. Replace bulbs for a consistent glow, particularly in bathrooms and in any overhead light fixtures. Don’t forget ceiling fans and your refrigerator bulb – it’s worth the few dollars to replace the fridge bulb to insure it’s going to be working during multiple showings.

If your windows are older and not well-insulated this is the time to invest in window coverings that will help keep the light and heat out. Consider higher-end options such as plantation style shutters that generally offer a good return on investment.

Power Down

Set the air conditioner at a temperature that will protect the property from moisture and mold particularly if no one is occupying the property. Prior to showings, allow time to power back-up to a cooler temperature to ensure prospective buyers will be comfortable in the space.

Unplug electronics and countertop appliances such toasters and microwaves. Use appropriate surge protectors for major appliances that will remain plugged in for showings, such as stoves and refrigerators. There’s nothing like Florida lightning to provide an unwelcome jolt to your wallet. Appliances can easily take a hit from seasonal storms.

Shut off water to prevent leaks from pipes and your hot water tank. And don’t forget to empty ice cube bins and trays to prevent puddles in the freezer and on the floor!

Prepare for Sucess not Stress

Plan ahead to sell your Florida home fast. Avoid the stress of preparing to sell and heading to the closing table with our Home Selling Closing Guide.

And if you’re worried about buying or selling your house during COVID, then find out How to Buy and Sell Real Estate Virtually Anywhere!

Looking for more great tips on buying or selling real estate in Florida? Click here.

Disclaimer: There is a good chance that this post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through them, we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you (for which we are extremely grateful).  

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