Hyperpop Music Artist Debut: Who Is Sylas Dean?

Sylas Dean Hyperpop Music Artist

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2021 feels like the beginning of the hyperpop music uprise. A music trend that feels more nostalgic than new to some. Teetering between the lines of exaggerated traditional pop, the hyperpop genre combines feelings of electronic dance music with camp and glam.

With niche artists like that of Slayyyter or Dorian Electra now cutting through to mainstream success on the Rebecca Black remix, a major pop resurgence could be on the horizon this summer.

While pop has always been a guiding light in the music world, specifically through the pandemic, the key component to keep our attention is always “who’s next?”.

Our latest catch on the pop scene: Sylas Dean. Queer artist Sylas Dean debuts with his pop/dance EP American Dreeming as a punch of pop with a glam rock trimming. A five-song powerhouse with anthemic choruses such as “Shine” and “Say my name”, Dean is in no short supply of a rock-solid hook. 

Sylas Dean Hyperpop Music Artist
Sylas Dean. Photo by Leyla Stefani

Just one question left to be answered: Just Who is Sylas Dean?

A small town songwriter from the east coast, Dean started writing as a teenager. He would gig at local bars as the opening act. Dean spent most of his early years studying voice and classical music while under scholarships. He then headed to college to train in acting. 

After school, Sylas landed his first national tour as a theater actor. After spending some time in the central Florida area, he relocated out west. Bouncing around through cities like Orlando and Tampa while playing shows, he eventually made his way back to his hometown of Rocky Hill, Connecticut to gear up for a Hollywood road trip. 

Around 2018, Dean packed his car with anything that could fit and drove straight to Los Angeles. Early on, he spent time working as a waiter and hustling for gigs on the side. It wasn’t until 2020 when Sylas finally inked several production and engineering deals before finalizing what would become American Dreeming. With over a hundred songs written in consideration for just a five-song EP, every record packs its punch with that top 40 feel.

A glam-rock persona behind a shortlist of some sure-fire bangers we’re certainly keeping our eye on what comes next for Sylas Dean in summer 2021. His debut EP American Dreeming is now available everywhere for stream and purchase.

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