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If you want to give to a good cause, you should participate in one of the important fundraisers in Northeast Florida. Find out which events you can attend to raise money for an organization you support.

Dining Out for Life

Dining Out for Life is a popular fundraiser that takes place in multiple cities across the country. If you’re in Jacksonville, you can participate in the unique event. 

After the event, the proceeds go towards the Northeast Florida AIDS Network, or NFAN. The organization offers services and advocacy in preventing AIDS and supporting those who have the disease.

Joining in on the event is as simple as eating at a restaurant that participates in Dining Out for Life. A percentage from your meal goes to NFAN. In fact, a percentage of the restaurant’s total profits go towards the organization. A few of the participating restaurants are Athenian Owl, Athena’s Cafe, and Hamburger Mary’s. With many local restaurants participating in the event, there are plenty of dining options available.

Gainesville Equality Means Business Luncheon

Equality isn’t just good for humanity; it’s good for business. At the Gainesville Equality Means Business Luncheon, community members come together to discuss diversity and inclusion in the workplace. They brainstorm ways to make business better by promoting more inclusion in business. 

In 2020, the lunch took place at Napolatanos Restaurant. However, the venue changes every year. You can buy individual tickets for the event, or you can get a whole table for five people. If you purchase a table, you also get a sign with your company’s logo and recognition as a sponsor. If you attend, you can take comfort in knowing that your money goes towards Equality Florida. 

Annual Spirit of Pride Community Awards Dinner

The Pride Community Center of North Central Florida is a charitable organization that helps countless counties in the area. In addition to having a physical location that gives LGBTQ individuals a safe space, the organization also provides food and household goods to individuals with HIV/AIDS.

At the Annual Spirit of Pride Community Awards Dinner, people come together to raise money for the charitable organization. The dinner recognizes locals who have furthered LGBTQ rights and celebrates their accomplishments. 

During the event, there is a social mixer and a silent auction. The auction always features interesting items and should not be missed. 

Equality Florida Greater Jacksonville Gala

Although Florida has several civil rights organizations, there’s one that’s larger than them all. Equality Florida is the largest organization of its kind in Florida. The organization works hard to obtain rights for LGBTQ individuals in Florida.

In 2016, the event features a speech from Nadine Smith, the chief executive officer of Equality Florida. Additionally, it featured musical performances from The Rig and Jason Lamar. There was an open bar, a silent auction, some appetizers, and an awards ceremony.

At the first gala, 80 people attended. Back then, the event raised $45,000. But that was only the beginning. In 2015, the event raised $190,000. 2016’s gala’s venue accommodated as many as 600 people and was expected to raise $200,000. 

Strides for Pride

For over nine years, the Strides for Pride fundraiser has been one of Jacksonville’s most exciting fundraisers. It’s all about acceptance, love, and community. By participating in the fun run, you raise money for JASMYN.

The organization spends its resources empowering and supporting LGBTQ youth. They make a safe space for young individuals in Northeast Florida and fight for them to have equal rights. With the money raised from the run, JASMYN is able to offer more help to kids in need of support.

Strides for Pride is a 5K that’s open to people of all fitness levels. When you buy tickets for the run, you receive a race bag full of swag, a race t-shirt, and a medal. You also get to celebrate diversity with other like-minded locals.

JASMYN – Coming Out Day Breakfast

Every year, National Coming Out Day takes place on October 11th. There are many ways to celebrate the day, but one of the best ways to celebrate in Gainesville is to attend the JASMYN Coming Out Day Breakfast. Since 2007, the organization has been hosting the event. It brings together the community and raises money for a good cause.

Every year, the event has a keynote speaker. Designed to honor locals who fight for LGBTQ rights, the breakfast attracts non-profits, business owners, and others. It fosters partnerships between community members and encourages people to speak out about equality.

Typically, the event sells out. In the past, speakers included Jodie Patterson, Dr. Jama Shelton, and Darnell L. Moore. 

JASMYN gives LGBTQ youth a safe place to hang out. By empowering and supporting members of the young LGBTQ community, JASMYN provides an incredible service to the Gainesville community. If you want to help them, check out the Coming Out Day Breakfast.

Enjoy the Fundraisers in North Florida

This year, spend a little time giving back and having fun. Participate in one of the fundraisers in North Florida and help out a few good causes.

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