Key West Gay Bar Becomes Refuge After Irma, Feeds 100s Per Day

Key West

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In the wake of tragedy and devastation, we sometimes see extraordinary acts of charity and humanity.

This is certainly the case for Jim Gilleran, who, just hours after Hurricane Irma swept through Key West, reopened the gay bar he owns as a place to shelter and feed those most affected.

Most nights, the 801 Bourbon Bar features a live drag show and karaoke. Since Irma, however, Gilleran has kept his establishment powered with a generator to provide between 700 and 800 free meals per day to hurricane victims, reports Jeff Taylor in LGBTQ Nation.

His staff has also been handing out donations of food and toiletries.

“My father taught me to take care of myself and my family so I can take care of my community,” Gilleran said.

The 801 continues to advertise free food on its Facebook page, and with working AC provides a welcome break from the Florida heat for anyone still struggling to return to their homes and lives.

Read the LGBTQ Nation article here, and check out the 801’s website here.

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