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Donna Ross wears many hats. After spending 34 years working jobs that left her feeling unsatisfied, she finally threw in the towel. But Ross didn’t give up on working. Rather, she gave up on working for an employer. She decided to become a transitional life coach in Gulfport.

Her Journey Into Life Coaching

It all began when she decided it was time to start doing something from her heart. Instead of working to make money, she wanted to work to help other people. And so, she decided to become a transitional life coach.

There are easy ways to become a life coach, and there are hard ways to do it. Ross wanted to have a big impact and give clients the help they deserve. For that reason, she took the difficult path. She obtained two separate certifications and finally opened up shop in 2017.

Ross isn’t your average life coach. In addition to offering traditional life coaching services, she also offers coming out coaching. As someone who came out later is life, Ross is happy to be able to assist others with the process. She knows the struggles and provides guidance for those who are just coming out and their friends and family.

Transitioning to Something Bigger

Ross was content to change lives as a life coach. However, a new opportunity arose. It all started when she met the owners of Lean & Fit Nutrition. Located in South Pasadena, the establishment is a gathering place for those who want to live a healthy lifestyle. The owners, Johnny and Bobbie Franchetti, have made their establishment popular with their delicious meal replacement shakes. They are proud sellers of Herbalife products.

Ross met Johnny and Bobbie through BNI. The timing was impeccable. After realizing she could be pre-diabetic, Ross decided she needed to lose weight. She was working on it herself, but she wanted better results. That’s where Bobbie was able to help.

Bobbie invited Ross to Lean & Fit. Then, Bobbie developed a weight loss plan for Ross. The results were staggering. In about seven months, Ross lost 23 pounds. She fell in love with the program and the way in which it changed her health.

Although Ross didn’t know it at the time, her meeting with Bobbie was to be the beginning of a new business adventure. Bobbie offered to sign up Ross as an Herbalife distributor. Because Ross was so satisfied with her results, she accepted the offer. It fit in well with her life coaching business. In addition to helping people change their mindset, she could also help them improve their overall health.

Now, Ross plans on having her own nutrition club in Gulfport. It won’t be a retail store, but will be a gathering spot. People can come together and discuss their journeys. Although Ross hopes to make it a social space for the older LGBTQ community, everyone will be welcomed with open arms. As a safe place, people of all backgrounds can enjoy the club.

The club is expected to open in the middle or end of October 2019. Having already signed the lease, Ross is excited to have a place to help others achieve their mental and physical health goals. She is extremely passionate about what she does and says, “I’m living my purpose now.”

If you’re interested in learning more about Ross’ life coaching services, click here

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