Mortgage Company Gives Back to St. Pete Community in More Ways Than One

Wine Down Wednesdays Pass-A-Grille
Savvy Mortgage Lending has been hosting Wine Down Wednesday gatherings in Pass-A-Grille for several years. Owners Eileen Donovan (far left) and Tracie Mayo (center in yellow) gather with friends to take in the beauty of the coast. (Photo by Tom Yarranton)

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St. Petersburg has a strong sense of community, and Savvy Mortgage Lending has helped to foster that bond. The St. Petersburg-based company has dedicated its time and money to improving the St. Pete community. While part of their contribution has been to make home ownership a reality for many residents, the company also has given back in many other ways. 

Putting the Community First

Savvy Mortgage Lending values St. Petersburg and the people that live in the great city. For years, Tracie Mayo and Eileen Donovan have partnered together to provide mortgages to home buyers in the area. And for years, they have been making charitable contributions.

One of the local organization’s close to the heart of Savvy Mortgage Lending is the Tampa Bay International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, or TIGLFF. The business has also provided sponsorships to Equality Florida, a civil rights organization dedicated to protecting the rights of Florida’s LGBTQ population. To accomplish this, Equality Florida focuses on lobbying politicians, networking with partners, and educating the public.

Savvy Mortgage Lending also makes donations to organizations dedicated to fighting Ovarian cancer. Additionally, they give back to local veterans by reimbursing them with the cost of a home appraisal. By saving them hundreds of dollars, Savvy makes buying a home less expensive for those who served our country.

Wine Down Wednesdays

You don’t need to give to a charity to give back to your community. Since 2016, Tracie and Eileen have been hosting an event designed to bring members of the community closer together. Wine Down Wednesday is a private Facebook group that meets on the beach every Wednesday at sundown. 

At first, the event started as a reminder for the two individuals to take a few moments to enjoy the beach. However, it quickly evolved into a way to socialize and connect locals. As of January 2020, there were 231 members in the Facebook group. The group encourages members to slow down and enjoy life in St. Petersburg.

Making Home Buying Easy and Affordable for LGBTQ People

For some people, buying a home seems like a lofty dream. This is especially true for those looking to buy a home in paradise. But Savvy Mortgage strives to make home buying affordable for all. The team is passionate about what they do, and they take great pride and pleasure in making the process easier for LGBTQ individuals.

Although you might not have experienced first-hand discrimination when trying to buy a home, you probably know someone who has. The LGBTQ population faces challenges that other individuals don’t always face.

For instance, underwriters might be reluctant to close a loan because a lesbian couple doesn’t have proof of their marriage certificate. Savvy Mortgage  Lending is well aware of discriminatory practices and wants you and your family to feel comfortable. As they frequently work with the LGBTQ community, they are non-judgmental and accepting. 

Buying a home should be the same for everyone, regardless of their lifestyle. By making the mortgage process easy and judgement-free, Savvy Mortgage Lending makes buying a home simpler. To learn more about the company and how they continue to give back to the St. Pete community, give them a call today.

Disclaimer: There is a good chance that this post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through them, we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you (for which we are extremely grateful).  

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