A Complete Mural Art Tour of Florida

mural art tour florida artist juan carlos trujillo
Photo by Juan Carlos Tujillo from Unsplash

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Throughout the State of Florida, blank walls are seen as prime real estate for some of the boldest and intricate works of art. Featured in cities both large and small, these creative installations can range anywhere from a depiction of Florida’s rich history and wildlife to a funky design covered in abstract patterns and bright, bold colors.

Murals give many of these buildings a second life by transforming an often boring, large office building into a beautifully painted canvas. Oftentimes, these murals are a place where multiple artists can collaborate together to create a large installation that they share with their community. These murals may tell a story and they often represent the community or the history of the area where they stand.

Artists from all different kinds of backgrounds have been free to express their artistic creativity on the walls. People travel from far and wide to visit these beautiful murals and they have been featured in many movies, websites, and magazines.

Florida’s murals are great for site-seeing and even snapping a cute picture for your Instagram feed. We couldn’t fit all of Florida’s beautiful murals on this list, but there is more than enough for everyone to find something that they like!

South Florida

Pineapple Grove Arts District, Delray Beach

Photo Credit: Peter W. Cross, Visit Delray Beach

These Pineapples are bright, bold, and sure to make your day a bit sweeter. This area located just off Atlantic Ave is home to galleries, shops, restaurants, and Artist Alley. On the side of the Love Shack building, you will find a giant pineapple mural. This area is the perfect place to grab something to eat while walking around to check out the decorated walls, sculptures, and various galleries.

Check out the beautiful walls of the Pineapple Grove Arts District by going to this site to learn more. 

CANVAS, Lake Worth

Artist: KOBRA (Eduardo Kobra)
Photo Credit: CANVAS Museum

Recognized as one of the largest outdoor museum shows, CANVAS is a two-week festival bringing together contemporary artists, collectors, and influencers from around the world to “paint” this city. Featuring art that accentuates landscapes and installations that push boundaries, year-round this art is left up to be viewed following the festival. The CANVAS festival turns art into a party where the public can get involved and view the installations for the whole year to follow. Check out the website for any events or meet-ups and to find walking maps with the art currently being displayed.

Learn more about this festival and the year-round art on display at this site.

Mural Town, Punta Gorda

Artist: Michael Vires
Photo Credit: Punta Gorda Historic Mural Society

Home to the 5013c Punta Gorda Historic Mural Society, this town features a wide variety of murals illustrating their own history. With an interactive mural map and over 30 murals throughout the city, you can spend a full day exploring this city’s history through art. Some of the featured pieces include their First Firehouse, Women’s Professional Golf, Captivating Charlotte County, and more. Travel through time using this town’s art and relive many historical events of Punta Gorda for free.

Learn more about this town’s rich history by visiting this site. 

Wynwood Walls, Miami

Photo Credit: Bruce Warrington

This once dangerous industrial area of Miami is now a vibrant, colorful scene featuring installations from famous street artists, trendy restaurants, nightlife, and high-ticket private events. This started as a community revitalizing project set up by Tony Goldman focused on highlighting graffiti and street art. A once underappreciated and misunderstood genre of art, these walls are now home to some of the biggest names on the street art scene. This transformation has brought new life into the area and it is now a tourist destination when visiting South Florida. Walking tours are available to go through the main area of Wynwood Walls with a guide to give some information on what art and which artists are featured there.

Check out these vibrant walls in Miami by visiting this site to learn more. 

Downtown Hollywood Mural Project, Hollywood

Artist Credit: Fabio Onrack Photo Credit: Downtown Hollywood Mural Project

Ranging from bold beautiful flamingos to bright geo-prism designs, these walls are home to over 26 murals. Follow the map highlighting their Downtown Mural Project and experience all of these large works of art.

Bonus: if you tune into their Facebook page for updates, they tell you what wall they will be painting next!

Learn where you can find Hollywood’s murals here.

Central Florida

Orlando Main Streets, Orlando

Artist Credit: Todd Bot
Photo Credit: Mills50.org

With multiple murals featured throughout, there are 10 districts in Orlando each with their own flavor and story to tell through the walls. In areas like SODO District and Mills 50, art is in place to honor the victims of Pulse Nightclub. Each of the district’s murals relates to the community and attributes its unique style to the artists in the area. For example, Audubon Park Garden District is an award-winning dining and shopping “eco-district” and the Ivanhoe Village District is full of rich historical scenes. Across each of these districts, visitors are bound to find a mural to enjoy!

See all the art Orlando has to offer at this site.

Shine, St. Petersburg

Artist: Leo Gomez
Photo Credit: St Pete Arts Alliance

The St. Pete Arts Alliance has transformed the walls of St. Petersburg in just a few short years to be home to a variety of beautiful murals. Multiple building sides and underpass walls display this art and you can experience bright, vibrant murals representing the community and the artists it is home to. Annually, international muralists come to St. Pete to work with local artists collaborating on art to fill the walls of the city during the Fall Shine Festival. They have walking tours, guided bike tours, and now even feature their first ever virtual art walk tour to the public. Located next to the ocean breeze, numerous shops, and eateries, and beautiful murals, St. Petersburg makes for a great day trip!

Check out St. Pete’s vibrant art scene here.

Tampa on the Wall, Tampa

Tampa Mural
Photo by Ryan Haft from Unsplash

The City of Tampa is home to many murals that depict the city’s rich history displayed on the walls of downtown and the surrounding neighborhoods. Tampa has a long history dating back to the early 1900s and it features the people and the cultures that built one of Florida’s largest cities. In recent years, Tampa has grown to include more contemporary murals and public art displays along Tampa’s Riverwalk. Along the river, you can find a lot of cool places to eat and some great watering holes for a fun-filled day. One of Tampa’s most notable murals is a billboard-sized vintage postcard welcoming visitors and illustrating Tampa’s story. The city of Tampa’s website even features an area where businesses can sign up to commission an artist for mural work on the side of their own building!

To explore the murals in the city of Tampa, check this site out.

Murals for Mutts, Dunedin

Murals for Mutts, Dunedin
Photo Credit: Murals for Mutts

Home to its own vintage-style postcard mural displaying the city’s name, Dunedin also features a series of murals dedicated to our four-legged friends! This cute town has a mural titled “Dogedin” to welcome its visitors. The 5013c, Murals for Mutts, curated this wall art in an effort to raise money for animal welfare around the country. Full of pet portraits and animal pictures, these murals feature dogs, cats, and one little flying piglet and are sure to make your tail wag! Be sure to check out the fancy pup seen on Dunedin’s Wine Wall.

These fun murals can be found here.

Murals of the Space Coast, Titusville & Melbourne & Cocoa Beach & Eau Gallie

Artist: Matt Gondek
Photo Credit: Egadlife.com

Across four cities, the Murals of the Space Coast stretch from south Titusville to Downtown Melbourne. Each mural series, in the four different locations, represents a different aspect of Florida’s unique attributes. Featured in Space Coast Living Magazine, “The Mural Project” showcases multiple artists and the stories they have to tell on these walls. Starting in Downtown Melbourne, a set of murals in the historic district display images ranging from a blue jay perched on a glass of orange juice to a panther prowling through land, sea, and space. Eau Gallie arts district is home to the Anti-Gravity Project and visitors are encouraged to enjoy the “outdoor museum” featured in this area of Northern Melbourne. In Cocoa Beach, you can go on a guided tour through Main street that is home to murals of beautiful, vibrant seascapes. Finally, reaching Titusville, there is a series of murals featuring the past, present, and future. This tour encapsulates the spirit of these areas and makes for a great mural series.

Check out more information on the Murals of the Space Coast at this site.

Indian River County Mural, Vero Beach to Sebastian

Indian River County Mural, Vero Beach to Sebastian
Artist Credit: Indian River Charter High School Students:
Kenneth Betancourt, Molly Phillips,
Alexa Werner, and Hannah Lafferty
Photo Credit: @Vero_Mural_Project

From Vero Beach to Sebastian, these cities are home to 18 unique murals – each one more Instagram-worthy than the last. Aside from the beautiful beaches, Vero Beach has a lot of beautiful art to offer. Featuring murals like the Mr. Smoke mural, this collection of extravagant wall art is worth the trip. The Indian River County Mural Trail maps out a path to view each of these murals.

For the address to each of these murals visit here.

North Florida

Public Art of Pensacola, Pensacola

Artists: Veronique Zayas and Some Choi

The bay area of Pensacola is home to mural art on a massive scale. Some of the art here dates back to as early as the 1930s and there is new art being created every day. The art is displayed on walls, parking garages, parking meters, railroads, bridges, and more. Pensacola’s murals are some of the most photographed murals in the state. There are endless murals to be seen in this town, even from the moment you enter it, where you are greeted with a 34-foot bright orange mural welcoming visitors into the Sunshine State. Be sure you are “photo-ready” when you visit these murals because you’ll want to snap a pic with any of these cool backdrops!

Check out this video which highlights some of the “must-see” murals in the Bay Area!

City of Murals, Palatka

Artist Credit: Nina Larkin Mateyunas
Photo Credit: ConleeMurals.org

Just east of Gainesville, Palatka is home to more than 30 murals illustrating Putnam County’s history. The Conlee-Synder Mural Committee began adding art to narrate the cultural and natural history of Palatka in 1998. Many of these murals are featured along the St. Johns River. You can find a complete tour guide of these murals and plan a trip about visiting each to experience the story of Putnam County. One of the murals featured is titled “Night Passage” and depicts traveling up the Ocklawaha River at night.

Learn more about this collection of murals on their website.

Capital Murals, Tallahassee

Capital Murals, Tallahassee
Artist: Sam Rosenstein
Photo Credit: TallahasseeArts.org

The capital of Florida is home to a collection of over 200 public artworks including outdoor sculptures, murals, windows, monuments, and memorials. With the multiple college campuses, the art districts, and community programs, Tallahassee is home to countless murals. This city offers numerous art walks like the Downtown Public Art Walk and the All Saints Art Walk. Florida’s capital has a lot of rich history and a strong community.

Bonus: Visit Railroad Square on the first Friday of the month for a festival where you can go to the Proof Brewery, grab a bite at the food trucks, and the galleries open their doors to the public for free to show off local art!

Visit the capitals wide variety of art on display by visiting their website here.

Large Art, Jacksonville

Photo Credit: Benjamin Catapane

Jacksonville was selected by ArtRepublic for their Community Cultural Development program and is now home to a diverse collection of murals painted by international and local artists. These murals are primarily located downtown. While most of Florida’s murals are a reflection of the history of the culture, nature, and development, Jacksonville’s ArtRepublic features a dynamic and contemporary culture of art. This excerpt of a quote from Jessica Santiago, the President of the ArtRepublic, describes the program best: “To us, art is a philosophical mission, not a luxury.” This art makes for a great sight-seeing day in another one of Florida’s largest cities.

To see this collection of murals in Jacksonville visit the ArtRepublic site to learn more.

352 Walls/ Gainesville Urban Art Project, Gainesville

352 Walls Gainesville Urban Art Project, Gainesville
Artist Credit: Franco Fasoli JAZ
Photo Credit: 352Walls.org

Home to the University of Florida and a diverse local art scene, Gainesville has over 20 murals and one continuous mural along the road that is ever-changing as the locals contribute to it regularly. The 352 Walls host 19 different artists, each of which has a unique profile on their website. The art featured in this project is meant to be thought-provoking, boosting of community pride, and an effort to beautify the urban landscape. 352 Walls offer the public a Walls Walk guided tour to experience this city’s beautiful murals. Enjoy a day of art-viewing in a city where you might even spot an alligator or two!

To spend a day exploring Gainesville’s mural, visit this site to learn more.

More Than Meets The Eye

Most cities in Florida are home to beautiful mural art. This list only highlights a few of the main attractions you can see when visiting the Sunshine State. Each of these murals has a story of their own to tell – whether it’s historical, cultural, contemporary, fun, or thought-provoking.

There are even more hidden gems from local artists and communities worth checking out. When you do, be sure to grab your selfie-stick and snap a pic with all of these unique works of art!

Looking for more incredible places to visit in Florida? Click here now.

**Disclaimer: There is a good chance that this post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through them, we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you (for which we are extremely grateful). 

Also, while we do our best to highlight LGBTQ-friendly destinations and businesses, info provided is based solely on personal experience and recommendations by community partners. We hope that nobody experiences discrimination or homophobia while visiting Florida and beyond, but we make no guarantees. Please inform us if you experience discrimination or homophobia while visiting any destination so we can make updates to our recommendations.

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