Quirky Homes in Florida You Must See to Believe

Whimzeyland Florida

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If you’re someone who likes to travel off the beaten path, you probably look for different ways to explore a city. You might eat at hole-in-the-wall restaurants or drink at dive bars. But those aren’t the only ways to explore a new place. To experience the strange, eccentric, and quirky side of a place, you should visit homes that have been transformed into tourism attractions. These quirky homes in Florida will satisfy your desire for the unusual, and may even have you on the hunt for other strange gems. 


For more than 20 years, this home in the Tampa region has been getting attention. It lives up to its name – WhimzeyLand is a child’s dream. Painted in bright colors, the home is adorned with pinwheels, knick-knacks, and everything that is bright and colorful. Perhaps the most eye-catching detail of the home is a stack of painted bowling balls on the front yard.

To make this magical home come to life, the owners used bottles, sculptures, and other recycled materials. You don’t only need to admire this artistic building from afar. You can take a 90 minute tour of the property that also gives you a tour of Safety Harbor Art and Music Center. If you take the tour, be ready for bright colors and some incredible creations.

Carrabelle Bottle House

Not far from Tallahassee, Carrabelle is a town that doesn’t have much claim to fame. That’s not to say it’s not a charming place. As a quaint town on the water, Carrabelle is a place to go to unwind. But it’s also an ideal place to see something you can’t find anywhere else in the world -a bottle house.

Today, the Bottle House is Carrabelle’s claim to fame. A former art professor decided to build a bottle house to kickstart his retirement. It’s made with more than 6,000 glass bottles and measures eight feel tall. At 12 feet long, the bottle house is something to marvel at. 

Every bottle has a story. If you look closely, you can see handmade German stained glass and fire truck lenses. For added flair, there are ostrich eggs, wooden balls, and mannequin hands. Other notable structures include a lighthouse and a geodisc sphere. As long as the gate is unlocked, you’re welcome to check out the yard yourself.

Solomon’s Castle

One of the last things you might expect to find in central Florida is a castle. Yet, that’s exactly what you’ll find in Ona. As far as quirky homes in Florida go, this is one of the most incredible. It’s a three-story structure made out of aluminum printing plates. Built in 1974, the castle is complete with moat and automotive sculptures.

Although you can admire the castle from afar, why not explore it closer? The creator of the castle offers insightful tours that bring out the inner child in everyone. 

Hemingway House

Ernest Hemingway was quite the character, so you can expect the same from his estate. Located in Key West, the Hemingway House does have some eccentricities. But the most quirky thing about the home are its inhabitants. 

On the grounds, there are about 60 six-toed cats. They’re the offspring of a six-toed cat that was given to Hemingway decades ago. As the years went by, the cats reproduced and hung into the extra toe. Today, about half of the cats at the estate have six toes. Stop by for a tour and explore the estate along with the cats that live there.

Treehouse Canopy

When you think of a home in Florida, you probably don’t imagine a treehouse. In Miami, you can see a treehouse that looks like something straight out of the Swiss Family Robinson. More importantly, you can spend the night in the storybook home known as the Treehouse Canopy

The treehouse is three levels and sits above a permaculture farm. As you sleep high above the ground, you can hear the sweet sounds of nature. In the morning, you wake up to goats, emus, and pigs. The treehouse is on an actual farm, so you can spend some time helping out with the animals.

Exploring the Quirky Homes in Florida

Florida is like no other state in the U.S. if there’s one word you had to use to describe Florida, it might be quirky. All of the homes on this list embody the eccentricities of this southern state. So, check out some of these quirky homes in Florida and enjoy the sights!

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