Rain Or Shine: 12 Indoor Activities In Orlando

Florida Mall Orlando
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Here’s one thing travelers need to know about sub-tropical Orlando: the weather can be unpredictable. One moment you’re bogged down by afternoon showers; the next, you’re shielding yourself from the intense summer heat in Winter Park! Luckily, Orlando is the best place to find a little shelter from the sun or rain.

However, with tons of activities to keep your kids, family, or just you and your partner entertained, you won’t know where to start without a little guidance. That’s where we come in! Here’s the OutCoast guide to indoor and rainy day activities in Orlando (or when the sun is shining a little too brightly)!

1. The Florida Mall

The idea of spending a rainy day in Orlando might sound a little pedestrian, but stay with us for a moment. East of International Drive is the fun-filled Florida Mall, the largest shopping center in Central Florida! 

First-time visitors to Orlando city definitely need to stop by at least once to get that authentic Orlandoan experience, with its varied and multicultural eateries, a plethora of shopping options, and fun activities (like laser tag or bowling) for the whole family.

Fun fact about this behemoth shopping center: the Florida Mall actually opens its doors quite early in the day to allow Orlando “mall walkers” to get a round of exercise in. After all, people need to exercise away from hot or rainy weather!

2. Disney Springs

When people say “Orlando”, some folks are inclined to think of an amusement park. That’s because it has some of the best theme parks on the map, and that includes Walt Disney World park and resort! 

To the east of the resort grounds on Lake Buena Vista is Disney Springs, a free-to-enter shopping, entertainment and activity center. But what makes puts this on our indoor activities in Orlando list?

This family fun-oriented experience remains one of our favorites because of its diverse selection of indoor attractions, from bowling lanes, dine-in theaters, hot-air balloons, to just regular old dining and shopping. 

What’s more, this entertainment venue provides lots of unique experiences, like virtual reality rooms, Star Wars-themed shops, and even access to an authentic NBA Experience – the true Disney World Orlando experience without the prohibitive entry cost.

During June, Disney Springs is packed with rainbows for Pride Month. They even have a rainbow scavenger hunt with big discounts on your favorite brands! Check out my Disney Springs Pride video below. I laid on the rainbow CHEESE!


I ventured to Disney Springs today for their Show Your Pride event. Wow! There were rainbows everywhere!! #pridemonth #orlando #disneysprings #fyp

♬ I’m Coming Out – Diana Ross

3. Crayola Experience

If you’re cray-cray for Crayola, then we know just the thing for a rainy day in Orlando. Hidden somewhere in the aforementioned Florida Mall off International Drive is the Crayola Experience, which is perfect for artsy adults and hyperactive kids alike. 

This Orlando attraction has tons of fun things on the menu! Some of our top picks include naming and wrapping your own crayons, tumbling and jumping through a giant crayon-themed play area, or spending some time unlocking your child’s inner artist in the coloring zone. Lots of parents have called it an excellent way to keep their kids preoccupied while they recover from the roller coaster of exploring the mall!

4. Orlando Science Center

We know how it is; you’re on vacation and probably not in the mood for science-y things. However, the Orlando Science Center makes learning fun for folks of all ages – earning it a spot as one of our favorite rainy day activities in Orlando!

This attraction has exhibits and activities that seek to entertain and educate, with many of them providing interactive experiences for fun hands-on learning. There are exhibits about food, safety and technology, dinosaurs, animals, and even a full-size tiny home on the premises to see how many folks live simpler, more sustainable lives. 

What’s more, the Science Center also has its own movie theater for visitors that just want to chill. When you’re done or just need a break, you can see what’s on the menu at the Center’s two cafes!

5. The Spa At The Four Seasons

Who says vacations have to be hectic? Why not take a load off and relax on a rainy day in Orlando and check out The Spa at The Four Seasons? 

The Spa is a stone’s throw from Disney World, and yet offers an entirely different atmosphere from the fevered act of hopping between attractions. Clients can come in by themselves or with a loved one, settle down on one of the spa’s tables or beds, and just let the worries melt away with a treatment or two.

Newcomers to the world of spa-oriented relaxation can come in for a simple massage. At the same time, self-care veterans might want to opt for something a little more adventurous like cryotherapy or body rejuvenating procedures. You can even bring your kids for a totally child-friendly “makeover”! 

OutCoast note: it’s perfect for carving a tiny sliver of silence for total relaxation and a tranquil indoor date idea.

6. Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

Kennedy Space Station
Kennedy Space Station Visitor Complex Entrance. Photo by Rachel Covello

No vacation to Central Florida is complete without a visit to the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. While technically on Florida’s Space Coast, the Kennedy Space Center is only an hour drive outside of Orlando. It’s a viable family entertainment destination to visit, rain or shine. But be warned, the Space Center is an actual working aircraft facility, so it may change its schedule without notice. We recommend checking out its website beforehand to make sure you’ll be let into this massive edu-tainment complex. 

Although not an indoor experience, if you’re willing to invest in a memorable family experience, VIP launch packages are available on flight days. Watch liftoff from the Visitor Complex or “feel the heat” with front seat viewing from the Apollo/Saturn V Center.

That said, there are so many things to do and see at the Kennedy Space Center. The place is littered with exhibits detailing man’s foray into space, with shuttle replicas and info panels everywhere for the endlessly curious kids running around. 

The Space Center also has an in-house IMAX theater with a 1-hour space film showing around the clock. If you or your kids have dreams of becoming a pilot, you can try your hand at some of the most advanced commercially available flight simulators in the United States right here in Orlando!

Pro tip: download the app, it makes navigation a breeze!

7. Main Event

We’ve established one fact: there are lots of things to do in Orlando when it rains. But what happens when you want to do all those things without moving from one attraction to another? That’s easy; head on to Main Event Orlando!

This hulking palace of fun has all sorts of attractions for kids and adults on a rainy day. Here are some of the things you can choose from on your visit:

  • Laser tag
  • Karaoke
  • VR headsets and arcade games
  • Bowling alleys
  • Rock climbing
  • Mini golf
  • A ropes course or two

It might already sound like a lot to choose from, but there’s even more to discover when you get there. Here’s a hot tip for all the adults that decide to visit, with or without kids: there’s a pretty good bar on-site with tons of cocktails and beers for a bit of boozy fun. 

The only things it doesn’t have are an indoor wind tunnel and go-karts, but you can always pop over to iFly Indoor Skydiving Orlando or I-Drive NASCAR Indoor Kart Racing, which are super close by!

8. Orlando Wall Crawl

Hey, shutterbug. The folks at OutCoast heard you were looking for a place to take a million pictures in Orlando when it rains. Luckily, we know just the place: Orlando Wall Crawl! 

Whether it’s a rainy day or just super hot outside, visiting this massive photo studio can be a great way to pass some time while coming up with tons of pictures for Instagram. What’s more, air conditioning is on the entire time this fun attraction is open, so you won’t need to worry about getting sweaty while holding a pose!

9. The Cloak & Blaster

Still don’t know what to do in Orlando on a rainy day? Here’s our geek-friendly find. Tabletop games have been around for a long time, and they’ve never quite left the hearts of monster mashers and dungeon masters. 

Enter local tabletop tavern The Cloak & Blaster, which has a pretty extensive library of games to choose from. Sure, it may not be as outwardly exciting as attractions in WonderWorks or Ripley’s Believe it or not. Still, it does run on the most powerful computer of all: relationships and your imagination. 

But on top of its rad selection of games for friend groups of all shapes and sizes, The Cloak & Blaster in Orlando has an outstanding selection of food and drink. It focuses on serving its cultured clientele a menu of craft drinks alongside fun food named after popular franchises. Another round of The Sarlacc Chip, anybody?

10. Madame Tussauds Orlando

Ever wanted to hang out with Lady Gaga or snap a photo with Cher? It might not happen with the real deal, but heading over to Madame Tussauds Orlando is an excellent compromise. Located in ICON Orlando right next to Ripley’s Believe It Or Not museum, this attraction’s true-to-life wax figures cover everything from popular movie characters like E.T. to famous politicians and celebrities. 

Each exhibit is also exceptionally well-lit, meaning you’ll be able to take clear photos to show to all your friends. The figures are so accurate, they might even believe you actually met Madonna! If you’re into historical figures or just posing with celebrities, this should definitely be on your list of things to do in Orlando when it rains.

11. Outta Control Magic Comedy Dinner Show

What makes attractions great? In our opinion, it’s laughter and good food, and the WonderWorks Outta Control Magic Comedy Dinner Show in Orlando gives you both!

This unique experience blends comedy, magic, and free-flowing beer and pizza for a delightfully fun time away from the rain. The jokes are good while being family-friendly, and the food just keeps coming until you can barely move. But that doesn’t mean you have to bring kids along to enjoy this laugh-out-loud show at WonderWorks. Even if you’re just a fan of bar pizza and drinks, you’ll have a good time watching your fellow patrons get wrapped up in the entirely interactive show.

12. Sea Life Orlando Aquarium

When the rain falls in Orlando, your plans of visiting its many water parks might not happen as you thought. However, that doesn’t mean you’re doomed to spend your day in your hotel room watching Netflix and burning through your data plan. Here comes the Sea Life Aquarium in Orlando, home to Florida’s only 360-degree tunnel, letting you come face-to-fin with all the sea creatures that live there.

But there’s more to do than just be a bystander to the weird and wonderful creatures at the Orlando Aquarium. Travelers can wave hello to rescued sea turtles, snap ethereal photos in front of the jelly wall, feed some feisty tang fish, or run your fingers across shallow water anemone!

Final Thoughts: Sunshine Or Rain In Orlando

Orlando is known for its finicky weather, and that’s why so many attractions provide shelter from the rain and the intense heat. Orlando is home to some of the most exciting and engaging indoor activities, from intimate spa dates to family-friendly adventures to pass the time!

Also check out our Orlando dining guide so you can grab yummy grub along the way!

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