Suit Up with Style: The Perfect Tuxedos for Women and Nonbinary Individuals

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Tuxedos have long been a classic wardrobe staple for men, but in recent years, women and nonbinary people have been breaking gender norms by rocking this sleek and sophisticated look. Whether you’re dressing for a formal event, a job interview, or simply want to add some timeless pieces to your wardrobe, purchasing a tuxedo can seem daunting. 

Luckily, there are many options available to women and nonbinary people looking to buy a tuxedo. In this article, we’ll explore where to purchase tuxedos for women, popular tuxedo brands that cater to women and nonbinary people, the different parts that make up a tuxedo, and how to properly fit a tuxedo on a woman.

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Where to Purchase Tuxedos for Feminine Figures

When it comes to purchasing a tuxedo for women, nonbinary people, or any physically feminine figure, there are a growing number of options available. You can shop online, visit a department store, or visit a specialty store that caters to women’s formalwear.

Online Retailers

Online retailers such as Amazon, Nordstrom, and ASOS offer a range of tuxedo options for women. You can browse through a variety of styles and sizes, read customer reviews, and even find great deals on tuxedos. One of the advantages of shopping online is the ability to try on multiple sizes and styles in the comfort of your own home.

Department Stores

Department stores such as Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s and Neiman Marcus also offer tuxedos for women. These stores often have a dedicated formalwear section where you can find a range of styles and sizes. However, it’s important to note that department stores may not have as wide a selection as specialty stores.

Speciality Stores

Specialty stores such as The Black Tux, Saint Harridan, and Bindle & Keep specialize in custom-tailored tuxedos for women and nonbinary people. These stores offer a range of styles, colors, and fabrics, and often provide personal fittings to ensure a perfect fit. While specialty stores may be more expensive than department stores or online retailers, the quality and customization options are often worth the investment.

Popular Tuxedo Brands for Women and Nonbinary People

There are several tuxedo brands that cater specifically to women and nonbinary people. Here are a few popular options:

  1. Wildfang – This brand offers a range of tuxedos, blazers, and suits specifically designed for women and nonbinary people. They have a variety of styles and colors, including classic black and white tuxedos, as well as more playful options like metallic gold and plaid.
  2. Saint Harridan – Saint Harridan specializes in custom-tailored tuxedos for women and nonbinary people. Their tuxedos are made to measure, ensuring a perfect fit. They offer a variety of fabrics and colors, including classic black and white, as well as navy, burgundy, and emerald green.
  3. Bindle & Keep – Bindle & Keep creates custom-tailored suits and tuxedos for all genders. They offer a range of fabrics, including wool, silk, and velvet, and a variety of colors, from classic black and white to vibrant jewel tones.
  4. J.Crew – While J.Crew is not a brand that specializes in tuxedos for women, they do offer a range of stylish and affordable options. Their tuxedos come in a range of sizes, from petite to plus size, and can be purchased online or in-store.

Wedding Couple on St Pete Beach. Photo Credit: St Jean Creative LLC

Parts of a Tuxedo and Tips for Proper Fit

A tuxedo typically consists of several key parts:


The jacket is the main component of a tuxedo. It is typically made of wool or a wool blend and features satin lapels, buttons, and pocket trim.

The jacket should fit snugly around the shoulders and chest. It should be tailored to fit the waist, but should not be too tight. The sleeves should end at the wrist bone and the jacket length should cover the buttocks.


The pants are usually made of the same material as the jacket and feature a satin stripe down the side of each leg. They may have a flat front or pleats and are often high-waisted. The pants should fit comfortably around the waist and hips, without being too tight or too loose. The length should be tailored to fall just above the shoes, with a slight break in the front.


The shirt worn with a tuxedo is typically a white dress shirt with a wing or spread collar. It may have pleats or a textured bib, and is usually made of a lightweight cotton or cotton blend. The shirt should fit snugly around the neck and shoulders, without being too tight or too loose. The sleeves should end at the wrist bone and the shirt length should be long enough to be tucked into the pants.

Bow Tie or Tie

The bow tie or tie is an essential component of a tuxedo. It is traditionally black or white and made of silk or a silk-like material. But in today’s diverse world, your tuxedo should represent your personality. So pick a color and fabric texture that speaks to you! The bow tie should fit comfortably around the neck, without being too tight or too loose. It should be tied in a neat, symmetrical bow.

Cummerbund or Vest

A cummerbund is a pleated sash worn around the waist of a tuxedo. It is usually made of satin or a similar material. The other options is to wear a vest. If wearing a cummerbund, it should be worn at the waist, with the pleats facing up. Prefer a vest? Make sure it’s tailored to fit your curves and not too big in baggy in the chest or tight in the hips.


The shoes worn with a tuxedo are typically black patent leather oxfords or loafers. They should be clean, polished, and in good condition. Whether you are wearing heels or opting for classic tuxedos shoes, your comfort is of utmost importance. Wear something that will keep your feet pain free for mingling and dancing. Also make sure your shoes are polished and free of scuffs or scratches.

Tuxedo Styles for Outdoor & Beach Weddings in Florida

Beach weddings have a unique style that sets them apart from traditional formal events. When it comes to tuxedo trends for beach weddings in Florida, many couples are opting for lighter colors and fabrics to keep cool in the warm and humid climate.

Popular color choices for tuxedos at beach weddings in Florida include light blues, pastel pinks, and sandy beige tones. Linen and cotton fabrics are commonly used for their lightweight and breathable properties. Many couples are also embracing the trend of mixing and matching jackets, pants, and even bow ties to create a unique and personalized look for their beach wedding.

When selecting a tuxedo for a beach wedding in Florida, it’s important to choose fabrics that are comfortable to wear in the heat and to select colors and styles that complement the beach scenery.

Can I Wear Shorts With a Tuxedo?

When it comes to personalizing your wedding, there are no rules! For beach weddings, tuxedos paired with shorts have become a popular choice for many couples. This combination allows for a more casual and comfortable look while still maintaining the formality of a tuxedo. The shorts are usually made from lightweight and breathable fabrics such as linen or cotton, and the tuxedo jacket is often paired with a light-colored shirt and bow tie.

This look is perfect for a beach wedding where the weather can be hot and humid, and it allows the couple and their guests to enjoy the beautiful scenery without feeling too formal or uncomfortable. When choosing a tuxedo and shorts for a beach wedding, it’s important to consider the color scheme and overall style of the event to ensure that the look is cohesive and appropriate.

Now, Suit Up!

In conclusion, there are many options available when it comes to purchasing tuxedos for women and nonbinary people. Whether you choose to shop online, visit a department store, or visit a specialty store, there are a variety of styles and sizes to choose from. By understanding the different parts of a tuxedo and how to properly fit one, you can feel confident and stylish in your new formalwear. Remember to choose a tuxedo that makes you feel comfortable and confident, and have fun experimenting with different styles and accessories.

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