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Gay Florida Road Trip Guide: Tallahassee

Tallahassee was a stop-over point on my Big Gay Florida Road Trip between St. Augustine and the Florida Panhandle. I …

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Important Fundraisers in the Florida Panhandle

When it comes to fundraisers, the panhandle does things a little differently. There are some truly unique fundraisers in the …

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Explore Arts and Culture in the Florida Panhandle

There are a lot of museums, art galleries and performing arts centers in the Florida Panhandle. You’re sure to find …

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Top Landmarks of Florida’s Panhandle

Explore Florida’s Panhandle Visit Florida’s Panhandle for an experience like no other. The region stretches roughly 200 miles from the …

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Where to Shop in the Panhandle

Northwest Florida has some of the best shopping destinations in Florida. Find out where to shop in Northwest Florida, and …

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The Biggest Festivals in the Panhandle

There are several festivals in the panhandle, and all of them are exciting. So which festivals should you attend? Check …

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LGBTQ-Friendly Places to Live in Florida

There’s no denying that Florida is one of the most beautiful places to live. For many, Florida is the retirement …

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The Best LGBTQ Bars & Clubs in Florida

Article written by Samantha Ponzillo and updated by Rachel Covello. The best thing about living in Florida is that locals …

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