The Best Beach Towels For Your Florida Trip

Top Beach Towels for Your Travels

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If you’re looking to spend a weekend lounging under the sun, Florida is the place to be. Its white-sand beaches, luxurious resorts, and busy seaside boardwalks will satisfy any water lover! 

As with any beach holiday, there are a few things you’ll want to pack on your trip to Florida – beach towels are one of them. A quick trip to Target or a swift browse on Amazon can help you find what you’re looking for, but it isn’t as simple as picking out what looks good! 

If you’re on the hunt for the best beach towel on the market, we’ll take you through our top twelve picks and what you should consider before making a purchase.

12 Best Beach Towels

Best Beach Towel Overall – Dock & Bay Quick Dry Microfiber Towel

Made with 100% recycled materials, this Dock and Bay classic is the top contender on our list of the best quality beach towels. Its polyester-polyamide blend dries three times faster than your typical cotton towel and does an excellent job of repelling sand. Plus, you can easily throw them into Dock and Bay’s own carrying case for added convenience. 

There’s no reason you can’t own more than one of these versatile and affordable towels – they come in 18 different colors! It’s available in two sizes with oversized options. For an additional fee, you can even personalize it with your monogrammed initials. 

  • Multiple sizes and color options
  • Free storage bag for maximum portability
  • Extremely fast-drying

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Best Microfiber Material – Rainleaf Microfiber Beach Towel

Ultra-compact, quick-drying, and super absorbent, this microfiber beach towel makes an excellent travel accessory. Able to absorb water five times its weight, the Rainleaf is perfect for drying off after a swim. It comes in a snap loop carry bag that you can hang up anywhere, and its lightweight build makes it highly space-saving. The Rainleaf comes in eight colors and six sizes, ideal for every member of the family. 

  • Suede-like texture is gentle on the skin 
  • Extremely portable and easy to store
  • Suitable for multiple daily uses

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Best Eco-Friendly Option – Nature Is Gift Organic Beach Towel

The Nature is Gift Organic Beach Towel is prewashed and made with 100% cotton. Its organic material is chemical-free and contains non-GMO cotton seeds that are perfect for use on sensitive skin. 

These long-lasting towels retain their texture, size, and shape even after several washes. Thanks to their highly absorbent and fast-drying nature, they consume less energy in your washing machine and dryer – perfect for eco-conscious swimmers. Plus, they are lightweight, easy to store, and very portable.

  • Maintains fabric integrity for a longer time
  • Made with GMO-free organic cotton 
  • Pre-washed to account for cotton shrinkage

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Most Cost-Effective – AmazonBasics Cabana Stripe Beach Towel

This affordable stripe beach towel doesn’t sacrifice quality for a lower price tag. It is made with 100% ringspun cotton, keeping strands from unraveling over time. Its terry cloth fabric also comes with professionally hemmed edges for added strength and durability. The cabana stripe beach towel is available in multiple colors, perfect for mixing and matching according to your style. 

  • Retains smooth texture and absorbency even after multiple machine washes
  • Offers plenty of length for lounging 
  • Made with durable cotton 

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Best Round Towel – Ban.do All Around Giant Circle Towel

Do you dare to be different? This novel terry cloth towel offers optimal, oversized coverage and maximum comfort. This extra-large beach towel is big enough to wrap around the entire family or double as a picnic blanket. It comes in three adorable styles, complete with a cotton tassel trim along its borders. 

  • Extra-large to suit multiple users
  • Made with ultra-soft terry cloth 
  • Machine washable towel is shape-retaining

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Best Turkish Towel – Sand Cloud Wanderlust Turkish Towel

Hand-loomed straight from Turkey, the Sand Cloud Wanderlust Turkish Towel is super soft and hyper-absorbent. Unlike your typical bulky and cheap cotton towels, this lightweight alternative is easily stored in your bag or simply wrapped around your neck. Its twisted-tassel design is a Sand Cloud signature, and you can get this beach towel in many charming designs. 

While machine-washable, you’ll want to make sure you use cold water. Even after multiple spins, this beach towel still does an excellent job of repelling sand. 

  • Dries three times faster than most beach towels
  • Ultra-absorbent and sand-resistant
  • Comes in many unique patterns

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Best Oversized Beach Towel – Cotton Craft Oversized Beach Towel

Whether you’re going for a quick dip or spending a long day under the sun, this oversized beach towel is perfect for drying off and as a picnic blanket! Despite its size, this lightweight towel is just under two pounds and easy to throw into your beach bag. It’s also made with 100% pure ringspun cotton, which keeps it durable no matter how many times you throw it into the washer.

These vibrant beach towels come in many brightly colored designs, crafted using a yarn-dye technique to ensure they stay vivid over time. 

  • Double-jacquard weave makes them highly absorbent
  • Dryer safe, softening with every wash
  • Extra-large for multiple loungers

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Best For Kids – Jay Franco Kids Hooded Poncho Towel

Are you hitting the beach with younger family members? If so, the Jay Franco Kids Hooded Poncho Towel is fun, stylish, and comes in dozens of adorable printed designs. Despite its affordable price tag, this high-quality beach towel provides your child with optimal comfort and ensures softness with its 100% cotton terry material. 

Its breathable fabric is lightweight and easy on the shoulders while being ultra-absorbent. You can even machine wash it multiple times without fading.

  • Fade-resistant over time
  • Comes with a hood to help dry off hair
  • Available in many playful designs

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Best Quick-Dry Option – WETCAT Turkish Beach Blanket

The WETCAT Turkish Beach Blanket comes at a relatively affordable price for a luxury cotton beach blanket with hyper-absorbent features. This ultra-thin and lightweight towel is supremely fast-drying and doesn’t retain any foul, musty odors. 

Because it is prewashed, this beach towel is very soft and gentle on the skin. It also comes in 24 color options, perfect for beachgoers who love to switch up their style.

  • Non-bulky, compact, and lightweight, unlike most towels
  • Made with certified natural dyed yarn
  • Sand-free and quick-drying

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Best For Sand – CGear Sand-Free Towel

Nobody is a fan of soaked and sandy fabrics, making this sand-free beach towel an even better investment! Its patented dual-weave technology allows sand and other debris to fall through without sticking. The finely-spun polyester fabric makes this comfortable beach towel absorbent and lighter weight than most. 

This absorbent towel can fit up to two people when laid out but stays compact inside your bag – perfect for beach days with your significant other!

  • Patented dual-layer weave removes sand easily
  • Classic stripe pattern comes in multiple vibrant colors
  • Lightweight feel while being soft and absorbent

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Best Towel Set – Ben Kaufman 100% Cotton Velour Stripe Beach & Pool Towel

Beach day is every day for some seaside enthusiasts,  but that’s a good way to find yourself short on towels. If you need to stock up, the Ben Kaufman set comes with four soft and cushy cotton towels at a reasonable price point. These cute, candy-colored towels do an excellent job of keeping anyone dry and sand-free on their beach vacation or at the pool. 

  • Thick and weighty, perfect for absorbing a lot of water post-swim
  • Many brightly colored options to choose from
  • Affordable and comes in a pack of multiple beach towels

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Most Popular Towel – Utopia Cabana Stripe Beach Towels

This set of cabana stripe beach towels is a bath towel favorite for its vibrant design and highly absorbent nature. The cabana stripe towel is made with 100% ring-spun cotton fabric, making it soft and breathable. Its versatile nature also makes it perfect for use on the beach or at the pool. 

You can buy them individually or as a pack of four, perfect for gifting an entire beach-going family! 

  • 100% pure ring-spun cotton material
  • Double-duty loops create extra surface area for better drying
  • Machine-washable and retains softness even after multiple washes 

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How To Pick The Best Beach Towel

When shopping for the best beach towels, here are a few factors you’ll want to consider. 


Different beach towels come in various materials, each with its pros and cons. Common fabrics include: 

  • Cotton beach towel: Most beach towels are made with cotton due to their smooth texture and comfortable feel. While absorbent, they may take a longer time to dry and make for better bath towels. 
  • Turkish beach towel: Quicker drying than cotton, Turkish beach towels are made of a thin fabric that is highly absorbent. These towels are also very compact and easy to travel with. 
  • Microfiber beach towel: These lightweight towels come in a compact size and are more durable than most other towels. If you are a frequent traveler, these towels are highly portable. However, they aren’t as soft as cotton or Turkish towels. 
  • Polyester beach towel: Polyester beach towels are the way to go if you favor drying power over comfort. However, they become scratchier with each wash.
  • Terry cloth beach towel: These beach towels are typically a combination of cotton and other materials woven into loops for enhanced durability. Their higher surface area makes them soft and absorbent but also quite heavy.


Bigger beach towels aren’t always better unless you’re sharing them with a friend or family member. Keep in mind that larger beach towels will take up a lot of space in your beach bag and will take a longer time to dry. If you use a beach towel for lounging rather than swimming, opt for a smaller size. 

Sand Resistance

A fast-drying towel only does half the work that the best beach towels on the market do. You’ll also want a towel that can quickly repel sand to avoid scratching and tearing. If easy sand removal is a priority, look for short fibers and towels with terry loops.

The Bottom Line

Whether drying off at a Florida theme park or enjoying a staycation at one of its many beaches, the best beach towels are going to make or break your beach trip. If you haven’t yet decided what beach towel to throw into your luggage, we hope this guide has given you a little bit of insight and many budget-friendly options. 

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**Disclaimer: There is a good chance that this post contains affiliate or sponsor links. If you make a purchase through them, we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you (for which we are extremely grateful).

Also, while we do our best to highlight LGBTQ-friendly destinations and businesses, info provided is based solely on personal experience and recommendations by community partners. We hope that nobody experiences discrimination or homophobia while visiting Florida and beyond, but we make no guarantees. Please inform us if you experience discrimination or homophobia while visiting any destination so we can make updates to our recommendations.

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