The Best Motorcycle Routes in Florida

Florida Motorcycle Routes
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Florida is one of the best states for owning a motorcycle. In the winter, there’s no snow to keep you from hitting the pavement. And in the summer, you can enjoy the ocean’s breeze as you ride. There’s no shortage of great motorcycle routes in Florida, so find out where you should go for a scenic ride on the next sunny day.

Which Are The Top Motorcycle Routes In Florida?

There’s a lot to explore in the Sunshine State! All of the following are fun rides for anyone with a motorcycle and a desire to explore.

Where To Ride In South Florida

If there’s one thing South Florida is known for, it’s partying. But the area is also home to beautiful weather and beaches, which means there are several great routes. If you’re interested in a multi-day tour, you can kick off in Miami and head south towards the keys. You can also opt to go north from there and check out the Atlantic coastline. For shorter trips, consider exploring the streets of South Beach or other nearby areas.

Miami to Mile Zero: This ride departs from Peterson’s Harley-Davidson in Miami and heads all the way to the most southern part in the Keys. It’s a total of 174 miles. 

Tamiami Trail: Once again, this trip starts at the Peterson’s Harley-Davidson in Miami. It goes for 113 miles to the Naples Pier, so pack your swimsuit.

Where To Ride In Central Florida

The pine trees and Spanish moss of central Florida make it a one-of-a-kind place to ride your motorcycle. Along some of the routes, you might feel like you’re in a fairytale. Other routes allow you to see unique wildlife or stunning springs.

Ocala National Forest: Because Ocala National Forest is large and has decent roads, it’s the perfect place for a bike ride. You can start this route at Caravelle Ranch and finish at the Pittman Visitors Center for a 45 mile ride. 

Ozello Trail: Sometimes, the best ride is a short and sweet one. Although the Ozello Trail is only ten miles, it’s breathtakingly beautiful. Located in Crystal River, the road is winding and often referred to as the most beautiful stretch of road in Florida.

Sugarloaf Mountain: While there might not be any real mountains in Florida, Sugarloaf Mountain is as close as it gets. This ride takes you to the highest point on Florida’s peninsula. Stop at some charming towns and take in the view.

Where To Ride In The Panhandle

As you approach the Georgia state line, you approach some of the best highways for motorcycles. You also have the beaches that differ so greatly from what you find further south. Furthermore, the area is the place to go for southern hospitality.

Hosford Highway: Take a 70 mile ride on this highway by starting at Quincy and Ending in Eastpoint. It’s a great ride to clear your head and enjoy your motorcycle. 

Where To Ride In Tampa Bay

Can you think of a better way to see the Tampa area than by motorcycle? Choose from any number of routes and you can enjoy spectacular views of the Gulf. If you head slightly inland, you’re sure to find farmland and other surprises.

Green Swamp Tour: This 77 mile ride takes you through swampy terrain. The ride commences at the intersection of I-75 and Highway 50, which is only slightly north of Tampa. After riding through swampland, you eventually make it to the end of the ride at Zephyrhills.

Von Hoak Loop: About 15 miles east of Tampa, you can begin this ride. It takes you along several roads and lasts for about 23 miles. You’ll pass through a few scenes that seem to be from a storybook – a bridge over a creek, Victorian houses, and small hills.

Where To Ride In Southwest Florida

Home to beaches, growing towns, and million dollar vacation homes, Southwest Florida is one of the top destinations for motorcyclists. If you go in the winter, you can enjoy comfortable riding temperatures and a beautiful breeze. The summer is also a great time to go for a ride because it doesn’t rain as much as it does on the east coast. Whenever you go, you can know you’ll experience great views.

Manatee and Sarasota County Coastline: For a quick ride, begin at Manatee public beach and go 37 miles towards Nokomis Beach. Before and after you ride, check out some of the local shops and restaurants.

Marco Island: Also known as scenic ride 16, this route starts at the Naples exit of I-75. You travel through Naples and all of its class, and then end up on a tour of Marco Island. As you check out the coast, you can also see some of the most stunning mansions in Florida. 

Where To Ride In The Space Coast

If you think the Space Coast is only about the Kennedy Space Center, think again. It’s also a place to clear your head while you ride your motorcycle. If you want a coastal ride, you can just hop on your bike and travel north or south from Daytona. But there are also some other great rides in the area, some of which take you through areas loaded with wildlife.

Merritt Island to New Smyrna: Merritt Island is home to some of the most unique birds in Florida, so bring your binoculars for this ride. It begins in Merritt Island and goes across the causeway, then takes you to Titusville. Although the ride ends at a busy beach, this ride has a country feel to it.

Where To Ride In North Florida

If riding through roads lined with oaks and rivers sounds appealing to you, check out the northern motorcycle routes in Florida. The roads near Jacksonville take you through historic towns and picturesque waterways. As you ride through roads lined with oak trees and Spanish moss, you might feel like you’re in another country.

St. Johns River: Take in some of the history of the area by riding for 55 miles on SR-13. This ride starts out in Jacksonville and brings you through small villages. Although the ride ends in Spuds, Florida, you can continue on for miles. 

Where To Ride In The Florida Keys

When it comes to motorcycle routes in Florida, the Florida Keys needs no introduction. U.S 1 runs along the entirety of the keys. You can stop almost anywhere along the route and experience the Caribbean flair of the most southern parts of Florida. If you make it all the way to Key West, don’t miss out on Mallory Square. 

LGBT Motorcycle Riders in Florida

Now that you know the best routes in Florida, where can you go to enjoy the company of other LGBT motorcycle riders in Florida? There’s a large community of riders throughout the state. Even in the conservative areas, you can find open-minded riders.

Whether you join a club or meet up with locals at a gay bar, you can enjoy the company of other LGBT motorcycle riders. More importantly, you can get on your motorcycle and appreciate stunning routes. Check out our complete guide to LGBTQ motorcycling in Florida.

**Disclaimer: There is a good chance that this post contains affiliate or sponsor links. If you make a purchase through them, we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you (for which we are extremely grateful).

Also, while we do our best to highlight LGBTQ-friendly destinations and businesses, info provided is based solely on personal experience and recommendations by community partners. We hope that nobody experiences discrimination or homophobia while visiting Florida, but we make no guarantees. Please inform us if you experience discrimination or homophobia while visiting any destination so we can make updates to our recommendations.

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