Tips for Having a More Amicable Divorce

Amicable Divorce

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Same-sex marriage has been legally recognized in Florida since January 6, 2015. On June 26, 2015, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down all state bans on same-sex marriage, legalizing it in all fifty states.

Over the past five years, hundreds of local and visiting same-sex couples have flocked to Florida to get married.

Unfortunately, with 50% of marriages ending in divorce nationwide, the odds were inevitable that divorce would soon follow for many newly married couples.

While splitting up is never easy, when you are legally bound by marriage and live in a tight-knit LGBTQ community where everyone knows everyone, breaking up can be even harder.

Fortunately, you can make your life much easier by doing your best to remain on good terms with your spouse. You might not be able to save your marriage, but you may be able to salvage a friendship with your spouse. Follow these tips for a more amicable divorce and you could find it easier to stay friendly with your ex.

1. Stop Living in the Past

Although this tip is easier said than done, it’s one of the keys to having a more amicable divorce. You must try to put the past behind you and start looking forward into the future.

Living in the past only complicates your divorce. As you think about all the events and actions that led up to your failed marriage, your anger will only build. Don’t dwell on the downfall of your relationship, and you can start taking steps in the right direction. Refocus your energy on the future and make a list of several exciting upcoming events. Or, set a few easily achievable goals for the near future.

2. Avoid Negative Communication

You might find it difficult not to have any animosity towards your ex-spouse. However, you need to find a way to stop communicating your negative thoughts. When you speak with your partner, avoid pointing the finger and name-calling. Try to put your anger aside, even if you can only temporarily do so.

Negative communication will only make the other party defensive. In a short time, the situation can escalate from a simple divorce in St. Pete to an emotionally-driven courtroom battle. You should also be cautious about saying negative things about your partner to your children or family members. If word spreads, your ex could find out about it and become angry.

3. Attempt to Forgive

If you can forgive your spouse, you’ll find the divorce process to be much easier. Forgiveness doesn’t mean forgoing your divorce and remaining a couple. Instead, it means acknowledging what happened and moving past it.

Once you’re able to forgive your spouse, you can handle the divorce with a more level head. This means you will be more open to negotiating a fair divorce decree.

4. Try Mediation Before Trying Litigation

Finally, you should try mediation before attempting any type of litigation. Instead of heading straight to the courtroom, you and your spouse may be able to resolve the situation in mediation.

An experienced mediator allows you to handle your divorce without additional attorneys and judges. As an impartial third-party, a mediator works with both parties to create a fair divorce agreement. The process is often cheaper and faster than litigation.

Equally importantly, the process makes it easier for you and your ex to remain friends. There is no finger-pointing nor are there aggressive tactics used during mediation. If you have an experienced mediator from Real Divorce Solutions, mediation is a more positive way of dealing with divorce.

Owner, Rebecca Irving, has years of experience helping Florida residents resolve their divorces in an amicable manner. Whether you want to remain friends with your ex or you just want to get your divorce resolved quickly, contact her for help. It may seem impossible, but you can get an amicable divorce in Florida.

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