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CBD Cat Treats

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Owning a pet can keep your stress levels under control. After all, too much stress might lead to disruptive health issues. Sometimes, even heart disease! Having your cat sitting alongside you while you read is undoubtedly your best shot at removing stress. But what if your cat has anxiety issues?

Well, cats fall ill just like humans. But unlike humans, cats don’t show or express the signs in the early stages. That’s why it is essential to provide natural supplements like CBD cat treats.

Every pet owner must have heard about CBD by now. Well, it’s the safest and the most natural way to keep your cats calm. Not just calm, but also relaxed and sometimes free from inflammation too. You will read about all the benefits in this article.

CBD-Infused Cat Treats – How Do They Work?

You must have heard about the Endocannabinoid system (ECS) in mammals (including cats). The ECS system is made up of cannabinoid receptors present in the body. The Cannabinoid receptors are present primarily in the CNS (Central Nervous System) alongside other vital organs. They help in ensuring the body functions properly.

What CBD does is simply draw fresh Cannabinoids to the receptors. In return, it helps them function without any external or internal disturbance. Besides, it also improves and optimizes the body functions of your cat.

So, when you give your cat CBD-infused cat treats, you are just helping the process work smoothly.

Is CBD Safe For Pets?

Of course, you will be concerned about the safety of using CBD treats for your cat. But there is numerous research backing that it will not have any adverse consequences when administered to pets at the correct dosages. CBD treats for cats are just treats having cannabidiol, the active ingredient of Hemp plants. Around the world, there is absolutely zero evidence that hemp harms cats. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) marked Hemp-extracted meds safe for epileptic children. That should spread some light on the safety concerns of such treats.

Moreover, considering what recent research says, you might understand that CBD is safe for pets. However, there are 2 things that you should remember.

  1. CBD Oil Formulation: Note that you cannot use human-centric CBD oil products for your cat. That’s because the ingredients often have components that are not suitable for pets. For example, such oils for human use sometimes contain Peppermint oil. It is not something that you can make your cat consume. So, always buy CBD-infused treats or oil made for cats or pets.
  2. Dosage: As a rule of thumb, you can use 0.2 mg oil per pound of your cat’s body weight. Still, it is not recommended to mess with the dosage on your own. Always consult your veterinarian to be sure of the dosage.

Keeping these aside, what about the legality of CBD oil or products in the US? Well, as far as the oil is extracted from hemp, it is completely legal.

Top 4 Health Benefits of CBD Treats for Cats

So, should you give your cat CBD-infused treats? According to evidence collected so far, yes, you should. Besides, you cannot ignore all the fantastic health benefits it can deliver.

Here are the top seven health benefits of CBD for your cat –

Pacify Epileptic Seizures

Epilepsy is a common disease in cats. It is a neural disorder/disease that triggers periodical, abrupt, and uncontrolled attacks on your cat. During a seizure, your cat feels confused, disoriented, and stressed. While the frequency and seriousness vary from one cat to another, the attack is not a pleasing experience.

The investigation is still going on how hemp can treat such seizures. Although there is still no proof that CBD can help defeat Epilepsy, it can work as a soothing agent. In fact, a 2015 study suggests that cannabidiol effectively reduces the severity of seizures.

Soothe Arthritis Pain

Arthritis is a common ailment that troubles kitty parents. Arthritis can be due to an infection or an injury. It creates an inflammatory sensation in the joints. Common symptoms include swollen or painful joints. Your cat gradually starts losing energy to move or might even have difficulties doing that.

While Arthritis does have medications to treat it, you can consider using CBD treats as well. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD can do wonders in preventing and fighting joint inflammation. What it does behind the scenes is it activates and desensitizes the Vanilloid receptor in the brain. By doing so, it lessens the pain sensitivity of your cat.

Treat Inflammatory Bowel’s Disease (IBD)

You must have heard about IBD. It is a general term used for disorders causing chronic inflammation in our digestive system. It mostly is because the immune system sometimes fights against harmless bacteria, viruses, or food present in the gastrointestinal system.

Diarrhea and weight loss are the two harmful impacts of IBD. When your cat has such inflammation in her stomach, it can cause changes in the digestive system. That means it might also interfere with the normal digestion and nutrition absorption process.

Now, CBD has active anti-inflammatory properties that may help cats overcome IBD. What it might do is suppress the inflammation and reduce its adverse effects on your cat.

Release Stress & Anxiety

Different things can trigger stress or anxiety attacks on your feline friend. Environmental changes, conflicts, loud noises like fireworks, traveling, etc., are some reasons. While mild stress is not harmful at all, prolonged stress is. Your cuddly four-legged friend might start having health issues. You can spot that out easily when your pet shows sudden behavioral changes or a reduced appetite.

The application of CBD-infused treats can be a good thing in fighting off stress and anxiety.

CBD can control the production of significant stress hormones of your cat. By doing so, your cat’s neural response to stress signals might start to cease gradually. Besides that, it also influences the mood-regulation receptors and other neurological activities from being too hyper.

Wrapping Up

If you are looking for CBD cat treats, they come in different forms. You can find crunchies, chewies, freeze-dried minnow treats. Be sure to check out companies that sell these products to explore all the options. Oh, and don’t forget to connect with your vet beforehand. Happy pet parenting!

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