Unique Proposal Ideas to Sweep Him Off His Feet

Unique Proposal Ideas
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When you have dreams of wedding bells in your ears you might want to rush the asking bit so you can get to the alter faster. But, make sure you’re asking your man in a memorable way. You’ll be telling this story for your whole lives so you gotta make it a good one.

Here are some unique proposal ideas to sweep him off his feet and send him bounding down the aisle.

Show That You Really Know Him

No one knows your partner better than you. Your proposal should reflect that.

Does he love pomp and circumstance? Plan an entire dance crew in the middle of the street to wow him and culminate in taking a knee.

Is he shyer? Does he love art? What is he passionate about? Whatever it is incorporate it into your proposal. You can even rent out a museum if he loves art or science. If he’s into sailing charter a vessel.

The point is, show him you’ve been listening and paying attention and that you’ll continue to do so for the rest of your lives.

Throw a Private Party at His Favorite Place

Who doesn’t love a surprise party? This one is great because you can involve your friends and family in celebrating your engagement. 

Take him to his favorite place and at the door pop the question. Once he excitedly yells, “Yes!” then head inside to a big surprise “Congratulations!” from everyone who loves you.

Invite his best friend from across the country and other unexpected faces to make it super special.

Plan and Execute an Elaborate Scavenger Hunt

Does he absolutely love your city? Does he know every nook and cranny?

What better way to show him all the places he loves and let him flex his knowledge than a city-wide scavenger hunt. Elicit the help of friends and strangers to pull off this one.

You can make it known or start it as a surprise.

Maybe call his work and get him the day off and then put a big present with a note in his car. It can say something like “You’re not going to work today, go to the place where we had our third date. You’ll find an animal out front.”

This will lead him to that cool bar with a statue of a penguin outside. Leave a note on the penguin and so on. Consider pushing him out of his comfort zone a bit by needing him to speak to strangers if he’s a little more reserved to get one of the clues.

Reach out to all his favorite places in town so you can make a whole day of this clue finding mission. Send him all over your city.

All these clues will culminate in him finding you, in a beautiful situation, ready to ask him to be your groom forever. Make sure you’ve made reservations after because he’s sure to be famished after all the work he did to get there.

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Incorporate His Favorite Sports Team

You can make this as elaborate or simple as you’d like. Is there a specific team that your beau adores?

Reach out to their PR team. Let them know what you want to do. Sometimes they’ll surprise you by giving you a ton more help than you expected. After all, these proposal videos go viral all the time and that’s only good news for the team.

Take him to a game and try and get out on the field, or ice, to pop the question. At the very least, you’ll probably be able to get on the big teleprompter with his name on it and “Will You Marry Me?”

Ask the team if they’ll sign a ball, or stick, or bat, for him and congratulate him on the engagement. This means you’ll have the memory and a treasured keepsake to place in an honored spot in your home.

Take Him Backstage at His Favorite Theatre

Now, if his favorite play is Hamilton, getting backstage at the Richard Rodgers might be a little difficult, but if you have a favorite theatre in town call them and ask them what your options are.

They might surprise you with the support they’ll give. Go see their next show and let the cast announce you both and bring you on stage so you can pop the question.

Then you get the applause of the whole cast and the audience when he says yes. They might even give you your own lighting cue. Then after all is said and done they might invite you backstage to meet the cast and see the behind the scenes action.

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Make It Special, Make It Unique, Make It Fun, Make It About Him

The best thing to remember when trying to decide on unique proposal ideas is that this is about him. Sometimes that can get lost in trying to plan an epic proposal.

Make sure it rings true to who he is. Make it appropriate for who you two are as a couple. It needs to be special but it also needs to be perfectly you and him.

No matter what you do make sure you’ve got the ring, thought about how he would like to be asked, and considered his stance on everything before you pull off an elaborate plan.

If you need help picking out a ring you can check out this post on wedding bands here

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