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The Keys is known for parties, sunbathing, and fishing. But there’s another reason to go to the Keys – the shopping. Find out where to shop in the Keys, and take a piece of the island life home with you.

Clinton Square Market, Key West

In the 1800s, the Clinton Square Market didn’t exist. The structure was a U.S Navy coal depot.  As time went by, Key West changed and became a popular tourist destination. The depot was converted into a two-story shopping mall.

The market is on Front Street, which always attracts foot traffic. Inside the market, you’ll find a little of everything. There are food booths, restaurants, and boutiques. 

If you’re in the market for souvenirs, you’ll find something at the market. Several shops sell your typical souvenirs, such as shot glasses and hats. However, you can stray from the ordinary as well. The market is home to one-of-a-kind fashion and apparel shops, toy stores, and candy boutiques. You can get a stylish pair of shades at the Sunglass Shack, pick out a new necklace at KW Jewelry, or grab a drink at the Key West Coffee Company. 

Duval Street, Key West

Located in downtown Key West, Duval Street is party central. It’s the main street, and it runs all the way from the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic Ocean. About a mile long, Duval Street has a lot to offer. 

While many people go to Duval Street for the bars, the shopping in the area is also a major attraction. To appreciate art, walk into Art@830. The gallery has been in business since 2007. Once inside the gallery, you can view local artwork.

The Amanda Johnson Gallery is another great art gallery. All of the artwork was made by local artist, Amanda Johnson. As you look at the pieces, you’ll appreciate the tropical flair and contemporary style. 

Key West is known for its Key limes. So, no trip to the Keys is complete without buying and trying a few Key limes dishes. At Kermit’s Key West Key Lime Pie Shoppe, you get an opportunity to try more than just key lime pie. They sell a huge selection of key lime products, from jams to desserts. You can’t miss the bright green and yellow building.

Whatever you do, don’t overlook Duval Street! For a real experience, check out the area in the evening. You’ll see the nightlife and the shops in full swing.

Overseas Highway, Key Largo

There’s a long stretch of the Overseas Highway that stretched across the Keys. As you travel down the highway, you’ll stumble across many unusual stores. 

For instance, there’s the Southern Tropic Boutique in Key Largo. The store sells preppy clothing and accessories, like anchor print tee shirts and chevron dresses. It’s the first boutique you’ll come across when you drive into the Keys. In addition to having stylish clothing, they also have affordable prices. 

Another worthwhile stop is Largo Cargo. Since it opened in Key Largo in 1985, the store has been selling novelty items and gifts. As you drive by it, you can’t miss the bright colors and pirate cannons. The interior of the store is just as interesting, thanks to the assortment of colorful bikinis, hats, and more.

The Florida Keys Gift Company is also in Key Largo. If you’re looking for graphic tee shirts, shell-adorned jewelry, or purses, this is your stop. They also sell windchimes and beach-inspired apparel.  

While you’re in Key Largo, stop at the Water’s Edge Gift Cottage and Boutique. People come from all over to shop here. On the outside, it looks like a cottage on the beach. And on the inside, it has elegant clothing and home goods. After you pick up a few souvenirs, you can walk to the back of the store and enjoy a facial or manicure.

Shell World, Key Largo

Located in Key Largo, Shell World is a shopping destination that deserves its own category. There are two locations on the island, both of which deserve a visit. 

When you first enter the Keys, there’s a Shell World to welcome you. The exterior is adorned with large statues and decorations. If you want a few memorable photos, you should stop and take pictures. Then, make your way inside and be amazed by the selection of souvenirs. Try key lime pie on a stick, look at the pirate statues, or sift through the shell collection. There are thousands of shells, including a crab shell that’s over 250 years old.

If you head to the other Shell World destination, you’ll have just as much fun. Both locations feature distinctive souvenirs and make window shopping more enjoyable than ever.

Keys Castaways

Not all castaways are undesirable. In fact, Keys Castaways shows the different shapes in which treasures appear. The store has some of the strangest things you’ve ever seen, like a George Washington G.I Joe and a dentist chair. 

If you like to stray from the ordinary, you should stop at Keys Castaways. You can spend hours sifting through their items, uncovering various treasures along the way. Whether you buy something or just browse, you’ll have a great time shopping.

Milk & Honey, Islamorada

When you make it to Islamorada, you should stop at Milk & Honey. It’s where many of the locals go to shop in the Keys, and it’s worth a look. The shop has a bohemian vibe and features brands like Flynn Skye and Jen’s Pirate Booty. 

Everything in the store is made with quality. Check out the latest styles, and outfit yourself with a new dress or hat before you travel through the rest of the Keys.

Do You Know Where to Shop in the Keys?

There are too many great shopping locations in the Keys to mention them all. Unlike other areas of Florida, the Keys doesn’t have large malls or sizable shopping centers. Instead, it has shops scattered around the islands. No matter where you go, you’re bound to have a great shopping experience. And while you are out exploring, click here to check out other great destinations.  

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