Your Guide to LGBTQ Motorcycle Riding in Florida

Dkyes on Bikes St Pete Pride 2019. Photo by Rachel Covello

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If your leather jacket is calling your name and you need to feel the wind in your hair, it’s time for a motorcycle ride. And while there are plenty of great motorcycle routes in Florida, there’s nothing quite like enjoying a ride with like-minded folk. Check out how you can join in on LGBTQ motorcycle riding in Florida and raise that rainbow flag as you ride. 

Riding During Pride Festivals

Florida is home to a long list of great pride events. Typically, LGBTQ riders come from near and far to join in on the festivities. You can ride with others during a pride parade or just sit in a bar with a few fellow riders. Either way, you’ll want to bring your motorcycle.

In June, you have the Key West Pride. If you want the journey to be as good as the actual event, this is one festival you don’t want to miss. The ride to Key West on a motorcycle is unforgettable, and the festival itself is just as impressive.

Delray Beach Pride Fest isn’t as popular as the one in Key West, but it is fun for all. St. Pete Pride also deserves mention because the parade often features motorcycle riders. Tallahassee Pride gives you a chance to check out the northern part of the state on your bike, and the event gets larger each year. Of course, there’s nothing like experiencing a pride festival in the heart of Miami; Miami Beach Pride is a must. 

How to Participate

One of the most exciting ways to participate in a pride event is to ride your motorcycle during a parade. To do this, you can check out the festival’s website or connect with a local LGBTQ motorcycle club. 

Otherwise, just enjoy riding your motorcycle around town. You won’t be the only one, and you may end up making friends that last a lifetime. 

Other Motorcycle Events for LGBTQ Bikers

An event doesn’t need to have “pride” in the name for you to appreciate Florida LGBTQ motorcycle riding. If you head to any of the following events, you’re guaranteed to come across a few Florida LGBTQ motorcycle riding devotees. 

Daytona Bike Week

Every year, about 500,000 people go to Daytona Bike Week for a ten-day long motorcycle festival. It might not be a festival dedicated to the gay community, but you can certainly find a strong LGBTQ presence. 


If you want to join in on an event that’s a little less intense than Daytona Bike Week, you should check out Biketoberfest. It’s still a large event and attracts all types of motorcycle riders, including LGBTQ bikers. It takes place in Daytona and usually attracts around 100,000 people. 

Panama City Motorcycle Rally

Panama City might not be home to a very diverse LGBTQ population, but it does have a motorcycle rally that attracts some LGBTQ motorcycle riders. It’s an event that’s increasing in popularity and allows you to explore some of the very scenic motorcycle routes in Florida. 

Smart Ride

This ride is for bicyclists, but it doesn’t mean you can’t participate. Every year, Smart Ride seeks out motorcycle riders to escort the cyclists and to help at busy intersections. The Southern Most HIV/AIDS Ride (aka SMART Ride) started in 2003 and gives back 100% of every dollar its participants raise to AIDS Service Organizations throughout Florida. 

LGBTQ Motorcycle Clubs

If you really want to feel the love, you can join one of the LGBTQ motorcycle clubs in Florida. Every city has its own small clubs, and you can usually find them by checking the Facebook groups in your city of choice. In the most gay-friendly areas, like St. Pete and Fort Lauderdale, you can find large clubs with frequent events. 

One notable group is the Stonewall Knights. In 2002, the group was a humble group of Fort Lauderdale residents. It grew into a statewide group that participates in pride parades, bike weeks, and more. The Fort Lauderdale chapter meets almost every week for breakfast and then goes for a ride. 

Another group worth mentioning is the Skulls Dogs RC. Although this group isn’t nearly as large as the Stonewall Knights, it’s a tight-knit community of LGBTQ women who love to ride. They support dog rescue programs and are eager to help out a good cause. 

There are dozens of LGBTQ Motorcycle clubs throughout Florida and the world.

It’s time for Some LGBTQ Motorcycle Riding in Florida

 Whether you’re lesbian, gay, trans, or any other label, you’re not the only person to enjoy a good motorcycle ride. Connect with others in the community and make the most of the scenic routes and inclusive riding Florida has to offer. Also check out our guide to the Best Motorcycle Routes in Florida.

***Disclaimer: There is a good chance that this post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through them, we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you (for which we are extremely grateful). 

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